Bane stormed toward his room and kicked open the door with a much force as he could.

"Little fuck. Why the fuck would Eve choose him!" Bane seethed throwing a book across the room. "A mission as important as this should be handled by someone with experience… Someone like me not Shilo!" Bane spit the name as if tasting something vile on his tongue. He whipped around and found someone standing in his doorway.

"What do you want?" Bane hissed. Mason just chuckled shaking his head.

"You've always been high strung this is a bit much don't you think Bane? But then again that might be what I like about you." Mason smirked and leaned against the door frame.

"Shut up. Shilo doesn't deserve this mission! He's been here was a few months!"

"A year Bane and he needs to show us what he's made of eventually." Mason said sighing.

"Fuck that, the little big headed twit doesn't deserve shit." Bane said leaning against the wall closing his eyes angrily. Bane heard the sound of the door closing gently, then the sound of metal sliding against metal, he opened his eyes. Mason stood belt undone hands holding both end.

"What are you doing?" Bane's eyebrow rose.

"Distracting you." Mason said his voice radiating sex. He slid his zipper down slowly. Bane's mouth parted easily. Mason stepped toward him coming right up to Bane's face. "I love seeing you angry Wolfbane, it turns me on." He gripped Bane's leather enclosed hand and placed it on the hardening bulge in his pants. Bane looked up at Mason's goggle covered eyes and smirked. He grabbed Mason's shoulders and slammed him against the wall.

"Mason, Mason, Mason." Bane shook his head lightly his bangs swishing in his eyes. "Hope you can handle what you started." He looked up grin feral. Mason's eyes widened. Bane swooped down latching his mouth onto Mason's throat. His teeth dug into the flesh he found there, Mason cried out tossing his head back. Bane lapped at the blood like a kitten to cream. He kissed some of the blood that was left and let it stain his lips before harshly kissing Mason letting him taste himself. He attacked Mason's tongue with his. And Masson whimpered softly into his mouth the vibrations driving Bane wild. Bane pulled back before flipping Mason around viciously slamming the side of his face against the wall. Mason groaned but said nothing. Bane pulled Mason's about his head.

"Keep them there no matter what." Bane demanded. Mason breathed out unevenly. Bane yanked Mason's shirt over his head. He admired the boy from behind slumped against the wall, hands overs his head like an obedient dog. This gave Bane an idea.

"Stay." Bane said.

"Wh-where are you going?" Mason stuttered out. Bane bit his shoulder and Mason gritted his teeth.

"No talking. Dogs don't speak." Bane said lapping at the wound. Bane walked over to his drawer. He rifled through it before finding what he was looking for. A leather collar that Bane himself wore to complete his outfits. His returned to Mason running the collar down his back letting the metal scrape his skin, Mason hissed. Bane reached around and placed the collar around Mason's pale neck buckling it tightly, so tightly that it would make breathing a little difficult. Bane locked his teeth around the collar and pulled. Mason dug his nails into the wall but kept them above his head. Bane yanked down Mason's pants.

"Step out." Bane helped him pull them off. He then wrapped his arm around Mason's middle and grabbed the boys pulsing hard-on. "You like this don't you, you sick fuck? You like being my dog, my bitch." He stroked him through his boxer and Mason struggled not to cry out from the much-needed attention. Bane pressed his body against Mason's back, his leather-enclosed crotch rubbing against Mason's backside. Mason moaned and pressed his face harder against the wall, Bane's sharp beaded rosary clawing into the bare skin of his back. Bane leaned back and unzipped his vest then slowly slid his pants down his legs. He reached out and tugged down Mason's boxers exposing all of him to Bane who took it in hungrily. Mason looked over his shoulder his eyes pleading through the windows of his goggles. Bane removed his gloves tossing them to the side holding up two fingers to Mason. Mason looked at him with wide eyes.

"That's all you're getting be grateful." Bane smirked. Mason was scared but his took the fingers into his mouth trying to get him a wet as he could. Bane moaned, Mason's mouth was the sweetest sin. He pulled them out and knelt down.

"Spread your legs bitch." Bane said stroking his thighs. Mason did and he struggled to breath. Bane looked a his prize. He circled one finger around the hole once before shoving it in a deep as it would go. Mason bucked and cried out, Bane had hit his sweet spot dead on, he was seeing stars. Bane wriggled his fingers around inside him before shoving the second one in. Bane scissored his fingers. He then began small shallow thrusts in and out. Mason clawed at the wall trying to control himself.

"Don't hold back dog. I want to see how much you want it." Bane hissed continuing his shallow thrusts. Mason began thrusting back on the fingers trying to get them further. Bane chuckled breathlessly. He couldn't lie the sight of Mason fucking himself on his own fingers was the most erotic thing he had ever witnessed. "Oh you disgusting little slut." Bane whispered before pulling his fingers out. Mason whined at the loss. He was so hard it hurt. He was so fucking close and Bane had barely touched him. Bane dropped his boxers and then Matt felt something much bigger at his pulsing entrance.

"Oh god." Mason whispered.

"Take it Mason, take it all in." Bane said before thrusting himself inside. Mason cried out in pain. Bane was huge and he had barely been prepared. "Shhhh." Bane waited a few moments for Mason to adjust before pulling himself out and thrusting back in. Mason howled and threw his head back into Bane.

"You like that?" Bane smirked sweat running down his body combining with Mason's. Bane began fucking him hard and fast pumbling his prostate with every stroke. Mason was sure he was going to black out from pleasure. Bane pulled out all the way before slamming in. Mason screamed before spraying his cum all over the wall. Bane convulsed before releasing his hot load deep inside Mason's wanting body. Mason slid down the wall onto his knees too tired to even stand up. Bane fell down on top of him. He leaned over and pulled Mason into his arms.

"Bane… oh god that was fucking amazing." Mason rasped out.

"Oh I know. You should turn me on more often when I'm pissed off." Bane smirked.


Shilo sat thinking. He would not disappoint Eve. He would find the leader of the drug ring and bring justice to this part of the world. He had listened to the recording of the phone conversation over thirty times, it was his job to identify the person by their voice. Today Mason would drive him to the coffee shop where the supposed deal would be going down. There was a knock at his door.

"Come in." The door opened.

"Ready to go?" Mason asked.

"Yes." Shilo lifted himself from the floor and brushed off his white pajama shirt. Shilo rarely left head quarters so he wore only pajamas but today he would have to fit in so he wore a pair of loose fitting jeans and white sneakers.

"Don't mention to Bane that I'm driving you, he'd bust a cap in my ass if he knew." Mason rubbed the back of his head as they walked down the long stairwell the groups garage. Mason's red car stood out against Sebastian's black car and Brittney's black Beetle.

"If I can avoid it I don't speak with Bane." Shilo said simply.

Mason walked to the car and got into the driver's seat. Shilo went around and got in the back, with Mason's driving you could never be to safe. Mason chuckled before backing out of the garage and into the driveway and they were off. They were heading into the nice upper-class part of the area. Only the truly rich came to this part of town. Sure their group had money, Sebastian their head being a billionaire but it was better to blend when you did what they did.

"Alright it's coming up on the left I'm going to pull around the corner and let you out." Mason said lighting up a cigarette.

Shilo said nothing simply looked at the coffee shop as it passed. Mason parked around the corner. Shilo unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car. Matson waved in a friendly manner.

"Good luck squirt." Mason said before pulling away. Shilo paused before walking around the corner. The coffee shop was fancy as everything around here. He looked in before opening the door. A bell chimed above his head and he walked in. The woman at the counter looked up then down to Shilo's level. Her smile widened and she gave him this adoring look. Shilo controlled his face so he wouldn't sneer at the woman. It wasn't his fault he was small and had fluffy white hair.

"Hello sweetie are you lost?" She asked bending over to talk to him.

"No. May I have one cup of espresso and keep them coming, please." He said before walking to a wicker table at the back where he could observe everything. He looked back at the woman she looked shocked. He held in a smirk.

Time passed and Shilo had gone through three cups of espresso, he felt completely wired so he decided to switch to tea. He couldn't seem out of place. There were many people in the café by now and he observed each of them carefully even the elderly couple dressed in clean-cut clothes. Shilo heard the bell ring again and each time it was getting more and more annoying. He looked up as un-obviously as he could. Standing in the doorway was a boy dressed in loose fitting ripped jeans that hung so low that you could see the boy sharp tanned hipbones. He had black hair that spiked up in the front. His tight black t-shirt showed off the tight muscles of his arms. He had a variety of tattoo's going up and down his arms. Shilo caught the glint of a ring pierced into the boys plush bottom lip. And for a second Shilo's white black eyes locked with a pair of poison green ones. The boy's whole demeanor rippled with danger.

The girl at the counter took one look at the boy and became frightened but also intrigued.

"Hi can I help you?" She asked meekly.

"Yes hook me up with a coffee. Black." He said. That voice! Near had found the voice!

The boy strutted his way to a table, which to Shilo's dismay had him facing him. Shilo dropped his eye's to the comic he was reading. He'd read it ten times now and it never got any funnier. Not ten minutes later another man came in dressed in a suit and tie. He looked around before sitting across from Shilo's top suspect.

"I don't like waiting Max." The boy said drumming his finger across the table.

"Hey Jet cut me a break I'm here now. I got a family you know." Max said holding his hands up.

"Well… let's make this short have you got it or not." Jet asked simply. His voice was rough and it sent shivers down Shilo's spine.

"I got it." Max went into his pocket and pulled out a gift wrapped box and pushed it toward Jet. "Happy Birthday Alex." The man said more loudly.

"Thanks cuz." Jet smiled a smile the looked genuine.

"Well I've got to get to the office I just wanted to make sure you got your present." He said before lifting himself out of the chair and toward the door. Jet fingered the box. Then Shilo's heart seized up. Those poison green eyes were directly on him. Near dropped his gaze back onto his comic and reached a hand around to sip on his tea. He heard the seat across from his squeak. He closed his eyes before looking up over his paper.

"Hello." Jet smiled. It looked the cat that got the canary.

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