Okay I don't really know if I'm going to continue this story, I'm just gonna post the first two chapters to see how people take to it. If they like it, I'll continue. If not, I'll just keep it for myself. I'm hoping people will like it because I feel like it will get me back on track on posting my other stories....maybe....possibly.

The reason I'm posting the first two chapters is because the first chapter is so short that theres probably no possible way it could attract attention.

Anyway, this story is MxM so if you have a problem with that I'd turn back now. Oh, and um...If your a first believer in the bible and stuff and don't want to even hear the names Cain and Abel mentioned in a story, much less used as the names of two gay guys, I'd turn back then too.

Plus, I'm gonna rate it M, just for safety, because one character in the story is a bully. And because I might, might add some scenes that may include like, Rape (maybe) and sex. (Maybe) Probably. If I do and you don't want to read those, I'll tell you head so that you can skip ahead to the story.

So theres your warnings.

1) Its MxM

2) The two main characters (who are gay) are named Cain and Abel.

3) Rated M for possible sex and rape. And beatings for sure.

So, onwards with the story.

I can hear my fans screaming my name as I asended the rickety stairs that led to the stage. They're all cheering for me, however; that fact brings me no joy. Not anymore. The stage lights blinded me for a moment but I know better than to sheild my eyes. Its unprofessional. And I can't be unproffesional, not with Miles standing in the wing directly opposite of the one I'm appearing from, just waiting for me to mess up.

My name echos around the arena. Of all the arenas and stages I've been on, this one is the most fimiliar.


"Its Cain!"

"I love you, Cain!"

Back when I was fourteen, just as I started to become a international sensation, those shouts had made me tingle with pride. They had held the key to my world. Now they held nothing. But I plastered on an award winning smile and raised my hand high to wave to the whole arena, and more people cheered. People at the very front of the audience held their hands out to me, hoping I'd touch them.

I granted their wish, reaching out to hold as many hands as possible. Because it made them happy. And if even one person could get some satisfaction from my performance then, well, it was better than nothing. I even winked at one girl and her face turned red and her eyes shone with glee.

Then I calmly made my way to center stage, adjusting the mic set on my head. But my fingers fumbled and I accidentally knocked it off my head completly, and it clattered to the floor. My heart thudded painfully in my chest. It wasn't that I'd made a mistake. I'd been doing this almost four years now and mistakes happen.

I reached down to get the head set. I laughed for the benefit of blowing it off. My fans laughed with me. They didn't care.

But he did.

My eyes drifted over to the left wing were Miles still stood. His eyes blazed with an anger that matched the color of his hair. He saw me looking and smirked at my fear. I quickly looked away, back to my fans, back to the stage. I put the headset on.

"Hey everyone!" I said, and my voice bounced around the walls. Fans screamed back.

"I'm Cain," I say - as if they don't know. "Sorry for the slip up. Now, I can't wait to get this thing started! Thank you all for coming. I love my fans!"

As soon as my fimiliar little speach is finished, my band starts to play our opening song, "Till the day I die."

I catch the eye of my drummer, Scotty, who looks at me with worry. His buzzcut blond hair looks almost green in the multicolored spotlights shining down on us. His eyes say, "You messed up."

Misty, my guitarist joins him in the looks of worry. I have no time to tell them I'll be okay. Probably isn't true anyway.

They've reached my cue.

So I step foward on stage and open my mouth.

And I begin to sing.

So ends the first chapter.

Me - Well Cain, welcome to my twisted imagination!

Cain - Leah, you've been writing my story for months now. I've been in your twisted imagination.

Me - And what do you think so far?

Cain - I think you need to stop spending so much time imagining me in sexual situations and spend more time on continuing your other stories.

Me - Hey, I am continuing those stories. Well, I'm continuing "I'll be free from you." Just not online. In a notebook. I'll get around to online sometime....maybe....

Cain - Anyway, I'm just gonna let you know straight off the bat, Leah's gonna have me sing some song that arn't actually mine at all. She'll disclaim them them and tell you who they really belong too.

Me - So, R&R and I hope to see you again!