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Chapter 18

"Vegas?" I repeated, astonished, not believing what my ears were telling me. Had he really just suggested we drive hundreds of miles to a city where there were millions of people, who would all recognize me, and him? This just couldn't be so, so I repeated myself.

"Vegas? Did you say, "Vegas?" As in, Las Vegas?"

Abel nodded. "It'll be fun! There's tons of cool shit to do there!"

"You've been there?"

"Yeah, twice, before my parents died."

The mention of his dead parents didn't seem to affect him at all, he'd said it so nonchalantly. But I figured that he probably didn't even remember his parents to well to be really upset by their death. After all, he'd been six when they died, and he was nineteen. That was a long time to get over something. Still, I wondered if anyone could really get over such a thing, so I lay my hand on one of his, in a comforting gesture.

He smiled lightly, and pulled his hand off the steering wheel, so that he could wrap our hands together. We rested them between us, and were quiet, watching the sun starting to set through our windshield. The farther we went, the more I felt like I wanted to do this, like I wanted to go to Vegas, do crazy stuff, get drunk, whatever. Afterall, I was Cain Hart! I could do anything I wanted.

Unless of course, Miles told me I couldn't.

Which brought me back to the fact that I knew Miles wouldn't want me to do this, especially with Abel, of all people. If we were seen together twice, maybe no one would care, maybe they'd believe my story from earlier, but probably not. Probably they'd write dozens of more articles wondering if I was gay.

"What if they see us together?" I asked, and Abel's eyes widened, like the idea had just occured to him. He was silent, deep in thought, for almost a minute, before he smiled and nodded.

"Got it." he said. "Let's invite Hail and Marisol along! That way if anyone sees us together, they'll figure they're our girlfriends!"

I perk up instantly. "Yeah! We'll ask if they'll be our fake girlfriends!" Then I frown. "But we don't have their numbers."

Abel cocked an eyebrow, and smiled a smug smile, holding out his phone to me. "Cain, just cause you're too lazy to ask for someone's number, doesnt' mean I am."

I scroll through his contacts, and the first I come too is Hail. I press the call button and stick the phone to my ear, hoping they'll agree. I mean, what if they said no? Who were we to ask them to do this?

After a few rings, Hail's voice answered with a quiet, "Hello."

"Hey, Hail. It's Cain." I say, looking out the window as we go.

"Oh, hey Cain. Are you with Abel?" she asks slyly.

"Yeah." I answer, smiling at her suggestive tone. "And we were wondering if you and Marisol were busy these next couple days?"

"Hold on." she answers, and the sound on her end becomes slightly distorted, telling me she's pulled the phone away from her ear. I hear her voice asking something, so I figure Marisol is probably there with her. A few seconds later, a voice is on, but instead of being Hail's, like I expected, it's Marisol's.

"What did you two have in mind?"

"Well, we're uh, going to Vegas, and wanted to know if you could join us?"

"Vegas?" Marisol repeats, like I did. But while I sounded confused and unbelieving, she sounds jazzed. "Of course! Where are you guys?" she asks.

"We're pulling up to Wal-Mart."

"The one on Sheridane?"


"Great. We're like, five minutes from their. Give us a few minutes to pack, and then we'll come meet you."

"Okay. Bye." I say, and we hang up. It's only when Abel gives me a look that I realized I forgot to ask if they'd be our fake girlfriends. I shrug, and look at the floor.

"We'll ask when they get here. Now, why are we at Wal-Mart?"

"Because, genius, we didn't pack any clothes. So, we're going to go buy some right now."

I can't help shrivel my nose just a bit. "At Wal-Mart?"

He notes my distasteful tone and smiles. "Oh, I'm sorry. Are you used to shopping at places like JC Penny?" he asks.

I frown. "I've never shopped at JC Penny before." But yeah, this was me being a little spoiled. I hadn't shopped at a Wal-Mart in years, and from what I remembered, they didn't exactly sell clothes that went with my rockstar image. They were so plain.

Abel reached over and ruffled my hair. "Well, I'm saving up all that money for when we get to Vegas. Then you can go on the shopping sprees you're accustomed too."

I nodded, feeling better. This, atleast, made sense.

"Here you go." Abel said, handing me a black hoodie. I didn't ask what it was for, because it was obvious. I pulled it over my head, pulling the hoodie far over my head.

We got out of the car, and headed toward the store. I kept my eyes on the ground, knowing that anyone could recognize me at any moment. But nobody said anything, not as we went up and down the racks, pulling out clothes and holding up to our bodies to see if they would fit. We ended up buying some snacks for the drive, because it would take atleast a day and a half.

I ended up calling Scotty and Misty up, and invited them along, and they were all too happy to come along. They showed up before Marisol and Hail, in Scotty's black convertible. Scotty, unlike me, loved it when people payed attention to him, and that car sure did the trick. The four of us ended up waiting in the parking lot, until Marisol and Hail pulled up in a white escalade. It was then that I realized why it had taken them so long. Every back seat was packed with bags of stuff, and Abel cocked an eyebrow.

"How long do you two think we're gonna be there?"

Marisol laughed, brushing her hair behind her, and then putting her hands on her hips with a silent air of confidence and authority that I could only hope to one day match. "Come guys! We're adults, got nobody holding us back! Vamos a la fiesta!"

The rest of us all locked at her, then at each other, waiting to see which of us would seem like an American jerk who didn't bother to learn any other language besides english. It turned out to be Hail, who probably knew a phrase or two of spanish.

"Let's party." she translated, and Scotty put his phone back into his pocket with a smile.

"Thank goodness you knew, because it was taking me forever to get to Google Translate."

We all laughed, and I looked at Hail curiously.

"Do you speak Spanish?" I asked. She smiled.

"Se recogen en ella cuando la familia de su novia no sabe una palabra de Ingl├ęs."

I was stunned into silence, as I tried to piece together what she had just said. She looked at all over shocked faces and laughed, joined in by Marisol.

"She said, "You pick up on it, when your girlfriend's family doesn't know a word of english." she smirked at Hail. "And besides, don't act like it was such trouble to learn. All you white people need to get off your high horses and learn a thing or two about the world."

Scotty pushed her lightly. "Hey, don't make me deport you back to mehico."

Abel nudged me lightly as the rest of them goofed around, getting to know each other. I looked over and he nodded at Hail and Marisol. I repeated the nod back to him, and he rolled his eyes.

"Hey uh, Marisol, Hail, me and Cain need a favor."

Everyone looked over, and Abel patted my back. "I got the ball rolling. Take it from here rockstar."

I squinted up at him, then sighed, and rolled my shoulders, like preparing for some difficult race. "We were wondering if, in Vegas, you two would pretend to be...our you know...when people see us..." I trailed off, figuring they could guess the rest of sentece from there. Both girls were quiet, looking at each other, as if communicating through their thoughts.

Me and Abel looked at each other too, waiting, then back to the girls. Scotty and Misty were whispering too each other again, like they always did, giggling about something the rest of us couldn't hear. Misty said something, and Scotty grabbed her by the head and wrestled her around on the parking lot playfully.

Just as things were about to start getting akward, Marisol smiled.

"I call Abel!" she said, and then ran over and wrapped her fingers into Abel's. Hail looked at me, and blushed lightly, and I smiled.

"You ready to be a rockstar's girlfriend?"

Hail grinned slightly.

"Bring it on, estrella de rock."


Our three cars peeled out of the parking lot. Scotty and Misty were in Scotty's, I was with Abel in his Jaguar, and Hail and Misty were in their car. Scotty had run into Wal-Mart and purchased three sets of walkie talkies, so that we could all communicate with each other.

It was fun, driving along the empty road, with nothing ahead, or behind that we could see. Scotty kept contacting me on the talkie, but after awhile I turned it off, because he was always saying, "Sorry if I'm interrupting a makeout," and, "Don't distract Abel, Cain," and, "Are we there yet?"

After another hour I turned it back on, and the first thing Scotty did when he found out was phone in and say, "Let's pull over and get some food."

The nearest town was still a half hour away, so we ended up playing eye spy over the talkies. Of course, it was hard to find that many things to spy when there was nothing around, but it didn't stop us from trying for atleast ten minutes. Then we played 20 questions, which kept us distracted for another thirty minutes. Eventually, it was time to pull over for the night, and Scotty went in to check us in.

"When will you get there?" Misty asked as we all leaned on our cars, and Abel said, "We should be there about noon tomorrow."

Scotty came back a few minutes later, handing us the keys to our room. "Me and Misty are sharing a room," he said, which really didn't need to be said. "Marisol and Hail, and Abel and Cain." he handed me a key, and my jaw dropped at what he'd said. He saw it, and winked at me, and said, "You're welcome."

Our room was nice, with a big television, double beds, and bathroom. I dropped my clothes next to a bed and flopped down, then rolled over and stared at Abel as he got ready to take a shower. He noticed me watching, and smiled.

"Care to join me?"

I rolled my eyes and rolled the other way again, so that I was staring at the wall. I heard him laugh, then the bathroom door shut. It was quiet, though if I listened hard enough, I could hear Scotty through the wall. I heard Misty shush him a moment later, and then after that, I didn't hear either of them.

I closed my eyes, and after awhile, I could feel myself drifting to sleep. In the background, the running shower served as a good background noise, covering the sounds of the things outside, and soon, I was asleep.

I was walking down the sidewalk, looking at the houses around me, trying to remember which was mine. But it was so dark outside that I couldn't tell one apart from the other. So I just kept walking up and down the street, looking, searching, waiting for the sun to come up, and make my search easier. But it wouldn't come up, even when it became obvious that by now it was suppossed to be. Infact, the more I waited, the darker it got, until the houses around me vanished, one by one. Realizing that I was running out of time, I started to run, and now, I began pounding on doors.

But they were never opened by the ones I wanted it to be, my parents. It was always some faceless stranger, one that stared at me, and even though they didn't have eyes, I knew they were hard, and unkind, unforgiving of my sins. Finally, there was only one door left, the only one that I hadn't knocked on, so I knew my parents must be inside. I ran up the porch steps, the one I used to play on as a child. I don't even knock on the door, because the front lawn is starting to vanish in the dark, so I know I don't have much time.

"Mom! Dad!" I shout as I run through the house, the old fimiliar rooms I haven't seen since the day I left. I check room after room, until there is only one place left, which is their room. I open the door, but they aren't there. I feel like they were just there, but I've missed them, somehow. I get a glimmer of hope as someone steps into my view, but then it vanishes, because it's Miles.

He starts walking toward me, and around us, the darkness is closing in, until it's just me, and him, the darkness.

My eyes open, and for a moment, I'm scared that my nightmare has come true, because it's utterly dark. I blink a few times, sit up quickly, and can't stop a scared noise from escaping from lips. A sound to my left causes me to gasp, remembering my nightmare, and how Miles was waiting for me in the dark.

"Get away." I whisper, and a second later, light floods my eyes, and I squint them shut.

"Cain?" says a voice, and I know right away that it's not Miles, because Miles is never worried about me. I force my eyes open, and am delightfully surprised when I see Abel, sitting up from a bed and coming over to me. I remember then, where we are, and exhale in relief.

"S-sorry for waking you." I whisper, and he sits next to me.

"I wasn't asleep. Are you okay?"

"Sure." I lie unconvincingly.

"Are you sure. You sounded scared."

I'm silent then, trying to find a way to dig myself out of the hole I'm in.

"No, I'm okay. Go back to your bed." I say to him, and he cocks an eyebrow at me and asks, "Are you sure?"

I nod. Abel gives me another look, and I know he doesn't believe me. He leans over and kisses me lightly, then pulls me into a hug.

"Don't worry." he says to me, and I nod into his chest, feeling a nice warmth spread through me. "I'll protect you." His words are fierce, and they make me clutch him back, tightly, hoping this moment will never end. And to my delight, it only gets better.

"I love you Cain." he whispers into my ear, and the warmth explodes inside me. It's the best thing I've ever felt, this feeling inside me. Like, the sun has exploded inside me, and roses are blooming, and I ruled the world.

"I love you too."

He hugs me for a few seconds longer, then lets go, kisses the top of my head, and starts to go back to his bed.

"Wait." I say, and he turns around.


I shift in my spot, then find my courage and ask, "Do you mind if..." And then the courage dwindles. Luckily, Abel knew what I was going to say, and he patted his bed.

"Want to sleep with me in my bed."

I practically jump out of mine, and dive into his. I snuggle under the blankets, and curl up around him. His arms wrap around my waist, and his cheek rests on my hair. I put one arm over his shoulder, and shut my eyes.

And I fall asleep again, only this time, and for the first time, wrapped in the arms of the one I love.

Me- Awww, so cute!

Abel- Well, atleast now we can honestly say we've slept together.

Me- Yeah, but not the way you want it.

Abel- ...When will that the way?

Me- Don't rush me.

Cain- At least you seem to have gotten over the ignoring us phase.

Me- I never ignored you!

Kenny- *Pops out of the trashcan* Hey, does anyone know where I put my DVD?

Me- The one about the secret agent thingy?

Kenny- Yeah.

Me- No.

Cain- Uh-uh.

Abel- ...Nope...

Me, Cain, and Kenny- ...*staring at Abel*

Abel- Okay, fine, I broke it.

Kenny- You BROKE it?

Abel- I'm sorry, but it was lying on the floor! You should clean things up better.

Kenny- You owe me a new one!

Abel- Fine!

Me- Yeah, whatever. Take it away Cain.

Cain- Please review, see you next time.