AN/ Yes this is a homoerotic spin off of Twilight It makes me happy. Seth is truly the only character I could stomach during that whole series so I decided to give him a moment to shine… and possibly butt fucked… Moving on… LET'S DO THIS!

My name is Ryan, you may mistake me for a man, but I can assure you I am not. I am eighty two years old as of a month and a half ago. I am a werewolf, or at least I was. I have long lost the will to change shape. One week ago, I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. My reaction was probably nothing like that of a normal patients. I was happy, ecstatic at that. My memory would be gone, wiped clean like a slate. I thought perhaps that I'd be able to make it through a night with out waking up in the midst of it, soaking wet. Then I came to a horrible realization. Yes, I would no longer remember but neither would any one else. The thought seemed horrifying.

The story itself is beautiful, even though I could not see it at the time. The story itself is not mine, no. I was of course involved or would not have the need to write this. Werewolves can here the thoughts of the others in their pack. Being a werewolf I had to experience the story as it was built. The memories are in my head as deeply as if they were my own. At the time as each 'chapter' entered my head I felt nothing but contempt and disgust but now I see splendor. I may not be a college graduate, or a literary professor, but I am going to write down what happened word for word, with no exaggerations or add-ons. I am hoping by doing this, some how the two people I hurt the most will one day find it in their hearts to forgive me. While you are reading this I am hoping you will not judge me too harshly, for at the time I did not understand the consequences of my actions.

I'm longing, hoping, wishing, pleading, that this will be my emancipation.

Chapter 1:

The story begins on an early summer's day. The summers of forks Washington are not like normal summers, they are just as rainy and depressing as those that came before. Seth Clearwater was sat down by the water of the La push Indian reservation. It was the place he'd called home since birth. He had a sister named Leah who was known for her sharp temper and her disregard for any one else's feelings. She had taken care of Seth since the death of their father Harry Clearwater had his massive heart attack. Seth on the other hand was known for his bright shining personality he was often Ryan's only ray of sunshine in the dark depressive pit that was Forks. But at that particular moment Seth was in a fowl mood himself. He was bored, and it took a lot to bore Seth Clearwater.

Nothing interesting had happened in over a month. And that interesting thing just so happened to have been a party for young Rennesme Cullen, the daughter of Bella and Edward Cullen. The Cullen's were the vampires that had forged some kind of an alliance with the pack through the pedophile Jacob Black. Yes Jacob was in love with young Renessme who was only nine years old. The other thing adding to Seth's boredom was the fact that every one was always so busy.

Two years earlier the most interesting thing to happen in forks beside the Voltoris attack happened. The Cullen's had been vacationing in Florida to visit Renée, in a rainy week in March when the pack that had long lived their came across them and demanded they leave immediately. They had been shocked to find that there were other shifters alive. The pack which Ryan just so happened to have been a part of, was so shocked that they demanded to be taken to them. They traveled cross country with a pack of vegetarian vampires.

The Floridian pack found that the basics of their two packs were highly similar but there was one key difference, their heritage and the fact that the Floridian Pack had a much larger percent of females. While the Forks pack were all Native American, the entirety of the Floridian pack was created from a small group of island dwellers that had been thought to have been killed off. They all had naturally colored silver or gold hair, bright sea green blue eyes, and milky white skin that never gained color. Lucky for them they didn't sparkle in the sun.

On meeting two members of each pack found their imprints. Leah Seth's previously mentioned sister found Kider. Emily, one of the female members of the Floridian pack found Paul. That had not gone over well at first of course, but Emily showed him who was boss. Due to this fact Kider, leader of the Floridian pack and Emily's older brother, ordered that the Floridian's stayed permanently. It did not phase many of them any way seeing as most of their friends were pack members and most of their family's were willing to move where ever the pack desired.

Seth let out a heavy sigh and through another large rock into the salty waters. Ryan, his closest friend since losing Jacob, was on a mission with five of the other pack members. That mission was to pick out Leah a wedding dress, and that was no easy mission. Kider on the other hand was out at a stag party that Seth had not been invited too. Although he was only a year younger then Kider's closest friend Maxwell it seemed that was like seven years in Kider time, it irked Seth and Ryan to no end. Suddenly Seth's phone started to vibrate. He reached into his pocket and flipped it open to find it was Sam.

"Hey Sam house the party." He tried his best not to sound bitter.

"Never mind that, you need to get to the Cullens stat!" Sam yelled briskly.

"Wasn't it you who said, those blood sucking cold skinned life-."

"Yes yes I said all that but right now we have a crisis on the rising!" Sam grolwed.

"What's the crisis." Seth's human ears seemed to perk with the news. He was ready and raring for some adventure.

"There's a coven of leech's in the area. Carlisle said that the little inky one said they were on their way towards town." Seth knew Sam knew Alice's name but didn't like the thought of being on a first name basis with vampires. But of more urgent importance.

"Shit Same why didn't you tell me that sooner." Seth shot to his feet.

"I've been trying." Sam sighed. Seth could hear Kider in the back round saying something about him being an irresponsible half brain.

"I'm on it." Seth growled.

"Don't do ANYTHING until we get there." Sam warned urgently.

"Alright, I'm on it." Seth nodded running up the hill to Emily's house.

"Your on nothing! Your going to go to the Cullens house, get Jacob to stop playing nurse maid, and then your going to talk to the Cullens about what they know. That's it!" Sam hissed.

"Ten bucks says he messes something up." He could hear Embry and Quil making bets.

"Thanks for the vote of confidence guys." Seth muttered under his breath before grabbing his shorts of the bench out side.

"Where you headed so huffy Seth?" Emily asked leaning out the window.

"The Cullen's theirs a coven of blood suckers on the loose."

"So weird to say a coven of blood suckers then im going over for vampire cuisine." Emily rolled her eyes. Seth smiled before blushing.


"Yeah sweetie?"

"Can you turn around I kinda need to take off my pants now."

"Sure sorry babe." She went to turn before her eyes went wide. "A coven?"

"We don't know how big yet. Don't worry." He went forward and kissed her on her cheek.

"Alright but have a cookie before you go, I don't won't you going out on an empty stomach." She said pulling out one mouth watering chocolate chip cookie.

"One more?" he grinned.

"Here's five." She smiled dumping them in his palm.

"Thank's Em." He turned tail, ran into the trees, before stripping, then shifting. It felt good for him to get the chance to use his wasting muscles. With the new members it meant even less patrolling so Seth had absolutely nothing to do. The boys and him had even resorted to playing fetch... How sad... He darted through the trees his over sized rump hit into a weak sapling and it toppled over. His lips pulled up int a grimace. That's what hours of sitting around doing nothing had done to him.

He knew he was officially over the border he could smell it oh so very clearly. He pointed his nose up ward, checking for impending danger. He could smell the oh too sweet acrid scent of vampires. He could easily distinguish them, it was weak but he could smell the separate scents. He turned his head the east and inhaled deeply. He was hit with a wave of an odor so powerful it almost knocked him over. The smell of blood sucker was strong in the air. They were close. He heard a sharp scream and his ears went flat against his head. He howled hoping to scare of the leeches attacking their innocent victim. He turned to barrel through the trees but stopped, Sam's words running through his head.

"You're on nothing! Your going to go to the Cullens house, get Jacob to stop playing nurse maid, and then your going to talk to the Cullens about what they know. That's it!"

By the time he got the Cullens it would be too late! He growled loudly pacing back and forth as he fought with Sam's orders.

I have to save them! I have to save them! I have-

He sprinted off towards the cry and the smell pounding in his nostrils. His feet pounded the ground feircly as he tried to beat fate and kick its carcass into the dust. He howled once more and let his nails dig into the dirt giving him extra traction.

"Help!" The cry rose again.

Hold on! He thought desperately.

Seth stop! Another voice had joined him in his head.

I can do it Sam! He yelled back.

Turn around! We'll be there soon! Sam demanded.

They've got a girl Sam I'm not going to let her die just cause you came to slow! He pleaded for him to understand.

Seth don't be stupid. Kider said phasing in. He pictured the huge pure white wolf and hatred hit him like a brick.

Seth you listen to me! Turn around right now! Leah's voice joined as scared as she did angry.

SETH! Ryan's voice phased in terrified.

I didn't think he'd do something this stupid! Embry yelled.

Me neither! Quil replied.

I can do it. Seth growled pushing his muscles harder until he broke through the clearing it seemed as though all the voice took in one breath to wait and see what was going to happen. The air was murky and made Seth want to lick his lips but he dared not even breath. He heard a snicker come from beside a jagged moss ridden stone. A deathly beautiful black haired girl looked at him with black eyes. She was starved. Her torn black tank top clung to her lithe cat like body.

"Help! Help! Is that all it takes with you dumb mutts?" She smiled revealing threatening white daggers.

"Oh yes I need your help, I need your help to fill my belly." Another silky voice joined the raven haired demon. "I don't often enjoy canine cuisine but baggers can't be choosers." A mud slicked red haired boy dropped from a large oak in a crouch. He opened his fiery lashes to show eyes as black as his soul. How long had it been since these creatures had eaten? Seth though dropping into a defensive crouch baring his teeth.

"But he'll be more filling then any scrawny human." Another voice chimed. A tiny silver haired boy climbed atop a huge boulder. Three, no four pairs of colorless eyes watched him counting the newly added red haired female sitting beside her twin.

"I say we just leave him be, he obviously has a pack." The silver haired boy whispered.

"And that's why Sebastian, you'll never get any where." Yet another gold encrusted voice sent shivers up Seth's spine to his hackles.

Seth couldn't help but gape, he was used to the beauty of his enemies but the beauty that this particular one captivated him and terrified him. Long messy gold blonde hair fell into his bottomless onyx eyes encased in bullion lashes. His aristocratic features made his slight English accent make more sense. His black button up was strange against the incandescent paleness of his skin. He had left the top two buttons undone and the tight expense of white skin mystified him. He was entranced all the way down to hi s finger tips which were like pieces of art work. They looked like the missing pieces to the beautiful sculptures in the rare museums Seth had visited. His stature was small, small to most human boys but strangely tiny for a vampire. The way he carried himself was what Seth thought terrified him the most. It was as if any second he would be ready to snap your neck and leave you bleeding just for the hell of it.

"So what would you do with him, amato uno?" The snow white look a like cooed sideling up beside him. She was a whole head taller then him and leaned down on his shoulder. "I say we sate our thirst and leave him as a present for his pack." She licked her poison red lips.

"Uno di grande bellezza." He stroked her raven locks with just the pads of his finger tips. Seth watched every one of his motions with great intensity. "This is where you fail. You just see what you want, you get it, you don't think of what happens afterward. Obviously his pack will track us, find us, and destroy us." He stroked her like a misbehaving puppy. She jerked away from him glaring down at him.

"Then what do you suggest?" She snapped.

"We bargain." He said simply for the first time he turned his eyes on Seth. "We'll keep him as a pet." The other five looked confused. "We'll keep him until his little pack agrees to give us hunting right's. Once we've been full fed we'll go find the other coven we've scented, join forces, and take over this adorable little plot of land." He smiled at Seth in a taunting matter. He walked forward toward Seth. Seth growled pulling his teeth back over his lips.

"Shoosh." The beautiful blonde boy whispered to him. He pressed his white palm flat against the space between Seth's ears. Seth felt the small trill of electricity surge through his skin. He snarled and shot his head up grabbing the vampire's entire arm in between his massive jaws. The vampire head fell back and he let out a small growl. Seth held tight to the white appendage. The other four vampire's began to close in on him.

"Release me if you want to live." The fearsome blonde growled under his breath.

You won't kill me you want to use me as collateral. Seth thought glaring up into the midnight black eyes tensed in pain. The blonde seemed to read what was in his eyes.

"Release me." The blonde said in a softer voice. Seth thought quickly.

Don't let go Seth were almost there. Sam instructed in his head.

"Let go." The boy said once more.

"Let go you mangy mutt." The black haired girl came over to his side and threw a kick that must have shatter three ribs on contact. Seth let out a howl of pain, letting go of the arm in his mouth he opened his eyes just in time to see the little blonde vampire pick up the raven haired one by the throat.

"Did I tell you to move Via?" He snarled into her face.

"You're not the boss of me Bane." She growled, her porcelain face tipped to the cloud filled skies.

"I am until one of you apposes me. Will that be you Via?" He taunted pressing his fingers to her throat more tightly. Her eyes seemed to look around at her counterparts. They all looked too scared to go near the blonde whose teeth were tightly pressed together.

"No." She said softly and was slowly lowered to the floor.

"Good." He nodded shortly, turning back towards Seth who was too shell shocked to even think. His side was healing itself but it still hurt like the fires of hell. "Can you stand?" He asked kneeling down. "Nod if so." Seth did nothing. "Alright. Take towards town. When he can walk I'll take him to the abandoned house in Markwood forest. Make the bargain. A couple lives in exchange for his. Should be simple enough."

"We're on it boss." The gangly red head said taking off in a bur. The sister nodded before running with him. Via glared once before grabbing Sebastian off the tall rock and pushing him in the direction the others had gone. Seth nervously looked up at his guard.

"Killing you now would be stupid." He said before sitting down on a rock. "You have nothing to worry about. For now at least." He shrugged and Seth nervously lapped at his side hoping to sooth the pain. He laid his head down on the earth and closed his eyes. Minutes past and the tiny blonde vampire began to pace.

Seths only thought was, what have I gotten myself into.

An/ So I think people can see where this is going I think I'm going to post the second chapter by the end of the night just to give you another taste.