A virile young fellow named Babbitt
wed a girl as fertile as a rabbit.
Children they had by the score,
until she protested: "No more!
Or with you I'll no longer cohabit."

"You promised not to kiss and tell!"
cried the tearful young belle.
"Your betrayal was cold,
until the guy you told
beat your kissing all to hell."

I rode my motorcycle happy and carefree
with my girlfriend Ruth behind me.
We hit a big bump
that bounced her rump
and I rode on Ruthlessly.

A lady motorist who drove with care
said to her sweetheart: "I swear
I'll love only you."
Then met his friend Lou,
and decided she could use a spare.

Hugh Hefner's young bride was so clever,
thinking of all his demise will give her.
But what a joke
if the old bloke
should hang around to outlive her.

A Polish girl who violated the law
against sunbathing in the raw,
said: "How can nude
be considered rude
when everybody does it in Warsaw?"

A young lady named Sally May
felt she might be gay;
then saw a hunky dude
who was nearly nude
and thought: "I can try girls another day."