Despair? Love? Unknown idea?

Meagan Elizebeth Marsh..

You are the only girl who understands me inside and out.. You see all sides of me.. Except for one. You knew me so well yet how did you miss that one little detail every time. All the time. Septemeber of Grade 9. "Alex I'm not the kind of girl you want to date" "Oh Kay good I didn't like you like that anyway". That day i promised myself I would never like you like that again. I now stand here between borders of unknown teritrory. I thought this feeling would go away. Did it? I thought it did for the longest time.. Then then this happens.. WHY of all of god's creations... Tall one? I can punch in the fucking face if he hurts you... BUT HIM i have to fly hours just to fucking punch him in the face. Why? Meagan? Why? Why now? Why him? Do i know? I have no idea.. but this feeling... I just can't fight it anymore... So it's either him or me... No i don't mean if you date him i won't be your friend but i feel for you in way i've always felt since the day i met you.. That day in Gym? Yeah that was ground breaking for me we've been through the woods and back again. So Meagan the choice is your's

p.s: I suggest letting me think for a little bit...

p.p.s we need to talk after your Jazz class..... asap