Are you really sorry?

I say I'm sorry,

Not that you'll care.

You'll never forgive me

For all the arguments we share

But can you not see?

Things are different this time,

I've tried to forget,

I put my heart on the line.

I say I'm sorry,

Not that you'll care.

People tell me all the time,

Love is never fair.

So why do I keep trying,

When it makes my heart tear?

I've tried to forgive,

But true love is rare.

You say you're sorry,

That you'll try to do better

You beg and you plead.

All of this written in a tear-stained letter,

Sounds like something from an Internet read,

Something you've never written much less mean.

Somehow I doubt that you really care.

Not that I care anymore either.

I've moved on,

Found someone new.

And that someone, isn't you.