Author's note and summary: In a dark future, a group of survivors attempt to kill the ruler of the ruined world when one of their own gets taken by the evil ruler. I fail at summaries, OK!?

Anyways, this is a Yaoi story, told through Alex's view, with A LOT of different things. I'll explain them for each chapter.

I own all characters in this. This chapter contains beatings, swearing, gore and blood. And Yaoi. Don't like any of that, don't read. Everyone else, enjoy!!


Angel's Fear Chapter 1


The sky was a dark, grey color as I blocked another swipe from the beasts infront of me with my diamond sword. All the city, and the enitre world, is in ruins. All because of one person named Vakira. He is an evil prince with dark powers far stronger than my own. And no, I don't have dark magic like him. No one knows where he came from or why he turned the world into a monster-infested battlefield. My name is Alex Takashi and my friends and I survived the massive invasion of Vakira and now, we have to fight our way to his palace. Once we sneak our way into the massive palace, we intend to find him and kill him, ending the war between the survivors and his armies of disgusting monsters. Before, us and the evil prince were enemies. He would attempt to try and destroy us so he could rule the world. It worked up until he got his hands on my friend Ryan's demonic crystal he wore around his neck on a collar. Now that Vakira has that, he's unstoppable.

Anyway, after we fended off another hoarde of monsters, we made our way through the ruins of the city. We had to be on our guard at all times; we didn't know when or where another fight might come from next. As we all walkred through the flaming fields that was once the park, all of us heard the sound of someone laughing. We all gathered closely together and looked around for the source of the laughter. All of a sudden, a huge wave of monsters came rushing out of a portal and towards us. We fought them off for over an hour before we got seperated. I ended up near the ruins of our houses. I couldn't help but glare at the burned remains. As I walked pasted more burned homes, I heard the same laughter again from behind me. Turning around and holding up my sword, I looked around to see nothing out of the ordinary. Then, suddenly, something hit me on the head and I fell forward onto the hard ground, my sword falling from my hands as well. My vision began fading as I tried to stay awake. But I couldn't keep my eyes open and I fell unconscious right away...


My head felt like it was going to explode when I finally came to. I tried to move but my body felt weak. So I just sat against the wall, slowly waking up. My eyes adjusted to the area and I saw a number of things on the wall, one of them being my sword. I then tried to move my hands but I couldn't. I looked towards them and saw that some strange metal chains were on them. Why was I tied up and in a dark room? I tried to break the chains but I couldn't. Then, I heard the sound of the door opening. Turning my head towards the door, I opened my eyes, since I closed them because I was still a little dizzy, and saw none other than the evil ruler himself, Vakira. He stood there, smiling, holding what looked to be a whip. I sat there, showing no fear at all. I wasn't afraid of him. He walked over to me, still smiling that evil smile and holding the whip in his hand. Leaning down to face me, Vakira said, his voice soft yet filled with evil, "The angel awakens... I was wondering when you'd come to..." I can see his eyes; bright yellow eyes, glowing in the dark room. I look away from him to see outside the big window in the room. Vakira took that moment to hit me with the whip, straight across my face.

Once I felt the sting go away, I look straight at him and shout, "You fucking bastard!! I swear I'll kill you!!" I was about to say more when he slapped the whip against my arms and face again for a good 10 minutes. After he stopped, I felt pain all over my body; my arms, my legs, my chest and my head as well. I struggled to lift my head up to look at him. I knew I had powers to heal any wounds I got; I get hurt a lot. That's why I have so many scars on my body. But the second I tried to use my magic, a sudden bolt of Vakira's dark magic went straight into my body, making me shout in pain. 5 minutes later, I gave up trying to heal myself, only to hear Vakira laugh at me. "I took that stupid collar of yours and replaced it with one of my specal collars... Any time you try to use your 'magic', it sends a massive shock of my dark magic into your body..." He said to me, turning away to grab a metal rod. A freaking metal rod!! What the hell was he planning on doing with that!?

He looked at me with that metal rod in his hands. Forcing me onto my hands and knees, I looked back at him just as he raised the rod upwards and down onto my back, right on the spots where my angelic wings were hidden. I couldn't help but nearly scream in pain as he kept hitting me over and over again for who knows how long. After what felt like hours, Vakira finally stopped hitting me and placed the rod against the wall. "Let's see..." He said in my ear, "How about I make you a deal..." I couldn't look at him; my head, and mostly my whole body, was extremly sore from him hitting me. So, I just said, coughing a little bit, "There's no way in hell... that I'd make a deal with a sick bastard like you...! I'd rather die!!" I stared at him with my green eyes; I wasn't going to make a deal with him. He looked down, hiding his eyes with his long hair. Then, he turned me around again and, using more of his dark magic, made my wings appear on my back. "Let me continue... Obey my every command and do exactly as I say or..." He said softly, lightly rubbing the feathers on my wings before saying, "I rip your precious wings clean off..." My eyes went wide. He wouldn't rip my wings off, would he?! If he did that, I wouldn't be able to fly ever again!!

Out of fear, I shouted, "I'll never obey you!!" Bad move on my end. He grabbed my wings right where they met with my back and said, his voice filled with evil, "Say good-bye to your wings...!!" And then, he pulled my wings back and I screamed in pain. They didn't tear off but it still hurt like hell. But then, Vakira pulled ever harder and I felt one of them rip from my back. I never felt anything more painful than this. I could feel blood pouring from the wound where it was and I felt even more blood once he ripped the other wing out. I felt tears fall from my eyes as I collapsed forwards onto the ground, gasping in pain. Vakira threw what was left of my wings aside and flipped me onto my back. I shouted in pain as the rough ground tore into the wounds on my back. I kept my eyes closed, even when he whispered into my ear, "Open your eyes..." I didn't open them right away; I didn't want to look at him.

"I said open your eyes!!" He shouted and began kicking me and hitting me over and over again until I finally opened my eyes, but I didn't look straight at him. Not until he grabbed my head and made me look right at him. "If your not giong to obey me, I'll make you obey me... After I'm done with you, you'll be begging for mercy...!!" He said before pressing his lips against mine. I quickly began resisting him but with all the wounds on my body and the fact that my arms were tied above my head, I couldn't do much. I tried not to kiss him back because one: I hated Vakira with every fiber of my being and two: He tasted HORRIBLE!! Don't ask what or why. I don't know myself. I could feel his tongue against mine and I felt like throwing up. I tried once again to break my wrists out of the metal bonds around them. And once again, I couldn't break them. I fely my eyes closing by themselves as I fell into the kiss. Vakira kept kissing me deeper until he broke free, breathing heavily. Smiling, he picked me up bridal style and carried me all the way to his room.

Whatever he had planned for me couldn't be good...


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