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Stefan watched the raging woman before him with horror in his eyes. Before, they had told him it was only hormones. But who could blame all this on hormones? The baby was born; wasn't she supposed to calm down by now?

But Marilyn was not calm at all. In her hand, she wielded a steak knife, prepared to strike. She wasn't hormonal. She was insane. Stefan wondered now why he hadn't figured out she would spiral downward like this before he'd decided to marry her. Ever since she'd gotten pregnant, she'd been explosive. And now, the volcano, active for almost a year, finally erupted.

She'd wanted the baby. She'd constantly begged Stefan to at least try to get her pregnant. It had taken several Moons. But eventually, Marilyn finally got what she wanted. And then, little more than two hours ago, she'd given birth in their home, accompanied by the healer woman and her new apprentice. But every Earthspin up to that moment, Stefan had regretted everything, all the way back to asking her to join him for a stroll around the lake where they fell in love.

Every Earthspin of those nine moons, Marilyn had been angry, sad, manic depressive, and, on rare occasions, happy again. And, of course, Stefan had been the only one around for her to take it out on. The healer woman only came by once every New Moon to make sure that the baby was okay. Then she left the house and it all started again. Of course, he wasn't allowed to leave, not even for a minute. Marilyn would go into a panic if he wasn't there for her to lash out on.

And then, one Earthspin, in the middle of a terrible snow storm at midnight, a couple Earthspins before the new Sunround, Marilyn went into labour and delivered a baby girl after almost two full Earthspins of screaming and shouting profanities in the direction of Stefan. To everyone's surprise, when the baby was born, she didn't make a sound. She came out silent and alert, her eyes wide open and her mouth closed shut.

The healer woman, the poor old fool, cleaned up after herself and left, ignoring her apprentice, who was urging her to keep an eye on the child to see if she would survive alright. She walked out the front door, adding her congratulations over her shoulder. But the moment she closed the door, Marilyn lashed out on him.

"What's wrong with her?" she wailed, tears of pain, anger, and misery rolling down her red cheeks. Stefan held his new daughter defensively to his chest and Marilyn looked around her for something to attack with. She found a small knife lying on a table and picked it up, holding it tightly in her hand, blade facing toward Stefan and the baby. "You did this to her, didn't you?"

Stefan's eyes widened and he shook his head dizzyingly. "No!" he gasped. "No, I didn't do anything to her!"

"No?" she asked disbelievingly. "Then what happened to her? Did she just happen to be born too...stupid to think to cry or keep her eyes closed from the light when she was born?" She paused for a moment, as if thinking about what to say next. Then her eyes widened, as if something just became obvious. "You! You were the one who gave me all the herbs and teas! You poisoned her! You never even wanted the baby!"

Marilyn gained on Stefan, stepping forward slowly, then speeding up as her words grew in intensity. He backed into the door, the handle digging deeply into his spine. Stefan reached behind him and grabbed the handle with his free hand, holding on to it, in case he had to make a quick escape He cradled the small child in his arms to closer to his chest. She watched the situation with wide eyes, as if she was trying to take it all in.

But that was ridiculous. She was only a baby, after all.

"She's sick. She doesn't deserve to live anyway," Marilyn decided. "Let me kill her now. It would be a mercy killing." She raised her knife and it shone in the dim light of the house. Stefan reflexively pulled the baby as close to his body as he could and covered as much of her with his arms as he could.

"I'll let you kill me before I'll let you kill an innocent newborn," Stefan spat. Marilyn gave a sadistic smile.

"That can be arranged."

Stefan decided that this was the time to flee. He grabbed the doorknob behind him and ran out of the house.

"Fine!" Marilyn called after him. "I don't want her anyway."

Stefan didn't answer. He just ran. He ran and ran, determined on getting his little girl to safety.