The last time I'll ever write
about the oh-so typical you.
Never again would I want to
fall in love with someone like you.
Boy was I such a fool.

Changed so drastically, recently.
Started being feminine.
Wearing pink, white hair bands-
striped female shirts;
showing your shaped waist.

Then those shoes;
previously were sport shoes-
look at them now, look!
Showing your ankle.
those shoes.

Look, the feeling is gone now.
If not gone- then fading away.
I once loved you for everything,
I now dislike you for a simple reason.
You've turned feminine.

I know you are a female.
it's inevitable for you to dress like one;
but why did you have to change,
ever so, so, so drastically?
Couldn't you have waited...

I admit it now and then,
that I didn't like your style
when you dressed like a female.
I only loved you when
you dressed like a male.

I know that you are not male,
and neither do you have
the intention to become exactly one.
Yet, I loved you for that courage.
Now you're telling me you're going to change?

"I won't allow of it, won't!"
Shouts, screams, terrors in my head.
The only one i loved and cared for,
now walking away, away... from me.
You're leaving me behind!

If you're not like a male then...
you aren't the one I loved and cared for!
I want the old her back;
please give her back to me-
she was my everything.
I had my everything.

I'm losing everything.
I loved you.