Uh...this was inspired by a spider that I impaled upon my pen while waiting for my bus...my mom says I'm morbid. --uhhkay. That was random...just...read and review!! ^_^

First Blood

A solitary spider stands before his web.
Unmoving, watchful.
Waiting for his prey.

At last...
As the innocent is damned in an instant,
he blinks again.

Once, twice, thrice,
a lost soul thrashes about
in the web of death, Inevitable and Infinite.

He strikes deftly
the eternal wait was, at last, over.
He draws first blood.

Within the lifespan of a second,
a spirit grows and dies-
it has breathed the essence of life and death.

Condemned to a web,
he silences his victim-
blood courses down its lifeless body.

Never can he be redeemed
from drawing first blood
doomed to be lost.

~*~ umm...this wasn't one of my better efforts, but what do you expect when being able to be inspired by killing a stupid spider? (oh, yeah, my mom also says that I'm sadistic and cynical, if that has anything to do with any of this mad rambling)...please review!!! ^_^