Third Part—

Some people said

I should've had

Your throne.

But they're stupid.

Too many people

Don't understand

What you're worth,

How good you are,

What you add to the group.

It was always you.

Thank you for

Reflecting my enthusiasm.

Second Part—

We picked on you

A bit too.

Maybe it's because

You two always seemed

So resilient.

I'm sorry

For not apologizing,

Sorry for not being sorry

Thank you for being there

For the rest of

Us, when we

Needed someone to cry to,

To complain to.

Thank you for accepting us.

Thank you for smiling

Because it happened.

First Part--

I'm sorry

For not being

Good enough.

I'm sorry that

No one could ever compare.

But we didn't

Understand either.

I'm sorry, even if you

Enjoyed the time we were together

As much as I did.

I'm sorry because

We only had a year.

But you said it was

The best year you've had.

Thank you for

Enjoying the time we had together

Like I did.

Thank you

For yelling when we talked too much,

For holding me

While I cried on the bus.

Thank you for

Having your best year

With me,

For teaching me

Everything I know,

For the good times, the bad times.

Thank you for making memories

With us.

Celtic Memories.