Chapter 1: Nothing

Nothing, that's all it starts with, this massive dark universe, filled with nothing, no worlds, no stars or planets, no love, no hate, not even any light or life. No dreams, no feelings and no pain. Just drifting away into an endless black void of emptiness.

I am Dark J, and I've experienced everything, now it's all come to nothing, I don't care anymore. This is the story of my life, I'm tired of being hurt, betrayed and left behind, and that's all it will EVER be! And I'm NOT talking about family, this is more then that, my future, destiny, fate, my dreams and my heart. Everything I've ever felt in my dreams, my boys, my love, all vanished. It's not alright anymore. What am I suppose to do when I'm alone then? No guy to love me, or be with me, they've all gone now. It will always be like this, empty, torn, destroyed, hurt and shattered. I don't know what it is to be truly happy anymore. What is it? My universe is crashing down now, just like the empty space out there in the dark galaxies, not even a Sun now... I don't even know what year it is now, I'm trapped in this void, just drifted through the time space, with nothing to hold on to, not even myself. Has it really come to this? All the worlds are gone to me now, I can't find them anymore, not even my dream world, the only thing I've ever felt true love with. Seriously? No, they don't count anymore, not even him, it's not even real. I feel.... Nothing... Where, do I go now...?

This, is my story....