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Chapter 4 – The Ritual

Several hours later, Elisa was beyond exhausted. She managed to find Blaze and pull the woman, who was now a large fiery red half wolf, out of the fray of revelers.

"Blaze, I have to get some sleep…Can you show me which cabin is Daelan's? He said I could sleep there." She asked, trying to stifle a yawn. She was sore from riding on horseback for two days straight, not to mention the dancing. On top of that, whatever it was the wolves were drinking was far stronger than anything she'd ever had before, and her head felt fuzzy.

"Yeah…" Blaze answered, albeit reluctantly. She didn't want to leave the party to take care of Daelan's princess, but the pack leader's son was still nowhere to be seen. He was most likely preparing for the ritual that had yet to take place that evening. In fact, she mused, it was probably better that Elisa was tucked away safe in bed before it took place.

"It's this way, come on." She beckoned. They made their way down the dirt path, away from the lively party. Elisa found the village was larger than she had originally thought; it seemed like they were walking between houses and tents forever.

Finally, as they neared the edge of the clearing, Blaze stopped in front of the last cabin in the row. It wasn't fancy, but it seemed relatively new and clean. Elisa was looking forward to sleeping on a bed. She pushed the door open hesitantly, but the cabin seemed to be deserted.

"Thank you, Blaze…" She shot the she-wolf a wry smile, "For including me in the party. I really appreciate it."

Blaze shrugged, "It was nothing. Now, get some sleep, Princess."

Elisa grinned, "Goodnight."

Blaze turned and sprinted back towards the bonfires. Elisa watched her go for a moment and then stepped into the dark cabin. She found a lamp and lit it, but was dismayed to find that the cabin only consisted of one large room and there was no bed. She frowned. Instead, over to one side of the area, there was a large pile of furs and blankets resembling something close to a nest.

It would have to do, she mused. She was pleased to find that someone had brought her bags here. It had probably been Peter or Garrett, and she would have to remember to thank them the next day.

Assuming that Daelan would find other sleeping arrangements for the evening, she stripped out of her clothes, leaving only the thin shift to cover herself. She was so fatigued that even the pile of furs looked inviting to her. She crawled into them and snuggled up with a blanket, a smile gracing her face, as she noticed how much the makeshift bed smelled like Daelan. With that last thought, she drifted off to sleep.

Only a couple of hours later, Elisa woke with a start. The lamp had burned itself out, but the moon was full and bright, streaming in through the window. Looking around wildly, she spotted the large wolf man leaning against the door frame of the cabin.

"Oh, Daelan! You gave me a fright!" She exclaimed, somehow recognizing him, even though she had never seen him shifted into his half wolf form. He was even taller, with shiny blue-black fur. She blushed and looked away, noticing that he was no longer wearing any clothing. Elisa briefly wondered if he was drunk, but she didn't have time to ponder the thought long because he was moving into the room.

"Uh…Daelan?" She asked nervously, scrambling back slightly into the pile of furs, getting herself even more tangled. Despite herself, her eyes found him again in the dark. His eyes held the same fire that they had during their brief sparing match that had ended in a searing kiss, but they somehow seemed slightly glazed over. Elisa's breath caught in her throat.

He ignored the questioning whisper of his name, and continued to approach her, almost like he was stalking a wounded animal, she thought. Then, he was on top of her, pushing her down into the fur. She let out a surprised squeak of protest and shoved futilely against him. He grabbed her hands, firmly but not to cause her pain, and pinned them above her head. He buried his muzzle in her neck sniffing and nuzzling her.

"Daelan," She choked out, "What are you doing? Let me go."

He lifted off of her only slightly, just enough to rake one claw down the front of her flimsy shift, effectively splitting it open. She immediately tried to cover herself, but he held her arms steadfastly in one hand.

"Daelan stop!" She was becoming more insistent her objection, a mix of fear and irrational excitement making her heart race wildly. Daelan pushed the fabric of her night shirt aside, revealing her full breasts to the moonlight. His large tongue encircled one of her nipples before suckling it into his mouth. She let out a gasp at the unfamiliar sensation, tears springing to her eyes.

"Not like this…please…" She begged, but her pleas fell on deaf ears. What was the matter with him? She tried struggling again, but his grip on her only got tighter, just shy of hurting. He turned his attention to the other side of her chest, giving it the same treatment. Tears were now slipping down her face, but despite her resistance, her body was reacting of its own accord. The sharp blade of desire stabbed into her lower abdomen and confusion clouded her brain.

Daelan tugged at the rest of the fabric that still clang to her. Effortlessly he removed it, exposing her naked body. The shiver that racked her body wasn't from the cold. He looked up at her, but his eyes were still strange. His tongue darted out to lick the salty trail of her tears from her cheeks. She choked on a sob and turned her head away from him. Something was wrong with him. Elisa may not have known him long, but this seemed completely out of character from his normal stoic demeanor.

His hand roamed between them, making it feel like there was fire and ice where ever his clawed fingers touched her. She felt his calloused hand on her inner thigh, prying it to the side slightly to give him access to her most sensitive areas. Then, he was touching her, stroking her at her core. Tears ran down her face again, falling onto the furs before as he elicited the response from her body that he was looking for. Satisfied, he removed his hand, only to replace it at her opening with his shaft. Elisa tensed, trying to recoil from him again.

"Daelan..." Her voice was strained, but strangely calm, "Daelan, you are obviously not yourself. Please, don't do this." She tried one last plea, but it had no effect. He pushed into her virgin entrance, slowly. She cried out, the pain being unexpected.

He paused at her cry, only barely inside her. His eyes cleared slightly of the trance he was under for a moment. His face was tense, as he obviously struggled with himself.

"Elisa..." He whispered, sounding surprised. She stared up at him, frozen, not understand the inner war he was experiencing, "Gods, I'm sorry."

With those words, his eyes clouded back over, and he seated himself into her fully, causing her to yelp again. He was still inside her, his breathing labored. The beast wanted to take her the only way that it knew how, but the man was holding it back as best he could. She turned her head away, not able to look at him.

He began to move inside her, with slow gentle strokes. He brushed the back of his claws over the side of her face softly, treating her like a frightened animal. He gritted his canine teeth together, pacing himself as much as the magic that lay on him would allow. The wolf inside fought to rut like the animal it was.

As the minutes passed, the beast became more aggressive. He began to rock into her faster, the wolf beginning to take full control. Finally, he reached his precipice with one last thrust inside of her. He came with a howl, emptying his seed inside of her.

He lay above her, panting from exertion, looking down at her turned away face. Elisa kept her eyes shut tight. She couldn't bear to look at him. She thought it was over, and hoped he would either leave or fall asleep. However, she was mistaken.

Daelen took little time to rest, before moving down her body. He brought his face even with her lower lips. Curiosity got the best of her and she turned her head back to face him, her eyes now open. He ran his tongue up her slit, causing her to jolt with sensation. He gave a toothy grin, and began to move his tongue over her clit in quick flicks. Elisa writhed underneath him, unable to stop herself, a moan escaped her lips. He gently inserted a finger into her, careful of his claws. He continued his ministrations until she was bucking underneath him, need and desire crashing over her in untamed waves.

Elisa felt like every nerve in her body was on fire, as Daelan touched her. Some thing was building inside of her, and she thought she might be going crazy. It felt better than anything she'd ever experienced, and she did not want him to stop. Then, the world exploded and pleasure she'd never known enveloped her, making her cry out for completely different reasons.

Daelan nuzzled her thigh tenderly, as she came back down to reality, and then moved off of her. Without a word, he scooped her into his arms, exhaustion from the traveling, the mafic of the ritual, and the sex finally claiming him. Elisa frowned, and tried to pull away, for a little space. Her head was reeling from their encounter, but his arms were locked around her tight.

She sighed; there was no use in worrying about it tonight. With that thought, she let herself relax and drift off to a troubled sleep.

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