The Beginning

"Something is wrong with her brain; it is malfunctioning in a way I cannot identify. She has a disorder, on minuet she is normal the next se is doing all random things that her friend say she has never done in her life."


Earlier that day……

I am a normal girl ok?! This has never happened to me or anyone I know, I mean come on! I am a straight 'A' student and am always good in class. Here is how it started. I was sitting in my 8th grade class when the 7th grade bell for lunch rang. Now being in 8th grade I was supposed to stay in class and that is the opposite of what happened. Things took a turn for the worse on that sunny day.

I was in algebra ……………………………. It went completely black. When I was conscious again, I strained my blurry eyes, to see 4 teachers hovering over me and my best friend at my side.

"W-What happened?" I said.

"You don't remember?" Said Mary, my best friend.

"No, I blacked out, I have no idea what happened."

"Really?" said the teacher to my right, Mr. Herpes.

"Yes I was in class and from what I can remember I blacked out."

"This is very interesting." Said Ms. Trundle as she started pacing.

The principal walked in that moment. "How are you feeling, Hannah?"

"Umm ok I guess, Principal Johnson. Is everything ok?"

The principal ignored my question and started talking with the teachers. Well that's kind of rude I thought to myself. I mean, why would she completely blow me off like that? She has never done that before.

"Mary?" I said. "Are you ok?" She looked way and I saw a solitary tear rolling down her check. As she turned back to be I saw the fear in her red eyes.

"Hannah, what's happened to you?"