I See You

Cam stands still, stares

And stares and stares

At faces, at their masks

Even as people scurry about

With their various tasks

In different kinds of tatters

Only one face matters

The face is square

Eyes down and dark

It smiles coyly at Cam

But no, it's not for him

It just smiles over there

'Cause no one is there

Cam is invisible to all

He, she, it? Who is it?

No one can tell there

Cam is hidden, buried

Faceless, nobody, no one

Hat, jacket, all too big

Devouring the scarred body.

In a sea of faces, empty faces

Cam watches with no face

Just black eyes that burn

Watching he, she, them

A cold blade in one pocket

Cam stares at the face

Wants it, must have it

Must take it a different place

The blade wishes for blood

For more blood in its pocket

The face floats to a door

About to leave his life

Cam begins to walk faster

And walk and walk, and run

Does not stop his long staring

Will not stop hurting and caring

And screams, "I SEE YOU"