These ideas I forget are rarely about you
– those I remember.
The ones I do lose are some sum of abstraction
– the deeper the worse,

as I hold that if one can be easily recalled,
then how complex or scarce can it be?
they have me believe
they might show you my worth.
So understand, even the not
about you is.


So often it is
of love or substance;
and dreams are of this same class,
though their purity in nature
–unaltered by revision of aware–
will have me keep them as is
if I am able at all.

But with multiple thoughts in mind,
one must take precedence;

it is always of you.
Not even by choice, I must add.

You are the kept even when I want the other,
and this wanting for other is only ever because
what I have that is of and for you
is merely rephrasing of I've said before.


All of my thoughts,
no matter the subject,
are irrationally meaningful
– precious if you like,
because they are all that is really me and mine,
and they are all for to share with you.