I'm really, really grateful;
for the time you encouraged me on.
(I guess I misunderstood)
and when you seemed like you cared.
(when it was just your duty)

And that time when you fixed
my broken spectacles for me.

I know you've tried to care, I know you have tried to bother yourself with me.
I know the pain you've been through- though not exactly all.
I realize the trouble I've caused you, and tried to take it all back.
But it was too late to erase the hurt I've done to you-

yet today, you're still here.
Not as my friend, not as my lover.
Someone I hold dear even though it is your duty;
I am fine with the title bestowed upon me-
at least you recognize me.
At least I loved you.

For moments I thought
weren't important at all in the past;
they're equally as important as the air I breathe.
You're like the air-
invisible yet important.

I'm really sorry;
for all the pain, trouble and stress I've caused to you.
(I cannot take them back)
But thank you... for staying.
I know I'm difficult; even though they said I'm not.
(I am)- And now I'm moving on.

I loved you.