The curtains were pulled back. Music started to play a second after the lights darkened; a single violin note played into the silence, dragging time. The room was slightly dark, lit mainly by the chandelier hanging above, and the candles on each table. It was all intelligently planned so that everyone attention was caught at once, he could tell, and it very well worked out; Caine found himself watching them.

A couple walked onto the empty stage. Instead of taking the stage, they descended the stairs, so they were standing in the empty space, which was reserved for an open dance floor later on. The male was clad in the customary tango clothes, a white shirt rolled up to his arms, a black vest, black pants, and he held the hand of the woman gently, like he was in the act of reaching to hold her fingers. From what he could see of them, they were about his age, give or take an age older.

The accordion started on one note, weaving into the song melodiously, and they started to dance.

His eyes were instantly—automatically drawn towards the woman. Simply dressed in a long-sleeved black dress that came to just above her knee, a not so deep V-cut and heels high enough that she looked to be floating, she was graceful yet mesmerizing, gorgeous yet untouchable.

The skirt of her dress tailed around her, and the couple seemed to defy gravity as, in the argentine tango, they slid around the floor, almost as if they were floating. He twirled her around and caught her back in his arms, dropping her into a half split and then pulling her up slowly. Just before she was upright, he twirled her around again, so it looked like her legs were very gently sweeping the floor before she stood upright.

It felt very much like magnetism to him; he couldn't stop watching her. The light in the room was not sufficient enough for him to catch a glimpse of her face. What he could see of her, however, he watched like he couldn't ever get enough.

Her dark hair, pinned into a simple hairstyle, twirled along with the rest of her, as they locked hands and the male lifted her a little, her leg curled behind his leg slightly. The accordion drooped to a slow ending, the violin looping as he twirled her around and around, and one more time, before the violin faded away, and the dancers stopped dancing, as in their final pose, they simply locked hands and looked into each other's eyes.

Ridiculously enough, he felt something sweep through him, and recognized it as jealousy. He didn't comprehend—he barely knew that girl. And yet, watching the male's arm around her waist, and the other entwined in her hand, he felt ready to throw him aside and take her in his arms.

He was annoyed with himself, and with the male. Such ridiculous notions…

It seemed like the room wasn't breathing. They'd all been mesmerized under the spell of the tango, and it was a full 3 seconds before they returned to reality, and tremendous applause broke.

The standing couple broke away almost at once, and the male twirled her around and let go of her, and they bowed together. It was very intelligently choreographed, completely synchronized and most of all, spellbinding. Caine did not care very much for technical dancing, and yet, he found himself admiring the performance, and unconsciously, his own hands were clapping.

He wanted to see her, he wanted to know her. Then, almost in amused derision, he thought that his desire was something to be wished for; after all, he had no idea who she was. She was probably invited just to dance.

Shaking his head slightly, he directed his attention back to Serena.

"That was enchanting," she sighed, and beside her, Joy nodded, her expression almost blissful.

He smiled slightly at the content expression on Serena's face, and reached for her hand. The beautiful dancer was forgotten.

But that was about to change. Life always did have a way of getting in our way.


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