Authors note:

I could have done these with my mothers help. And I did. But I couldn't have published this without her encouregment. Thank you.


Some Haikus

A green emerald,

Looks at me with an odd look,

In his stone glass eyes.

A sapphire dragon,

Stands across me and threatens,

But she is still scared.

Moon wanted the sun,

He asked her hand in marriage,

But the sun refused.

Moon shines in the night,

It's brighter then many stars,

A cloud covers it.

The midnight blue sky,

There isn't a cloud, right now,

You can see the stars.

A sheet of paper,

What should I do with it now?

Draw, or maybe write?

The deep, dark green lake,

The wind speeds across Dark Lake.

The lake doesn't mind.

A boat sails the sea,

Kathrina Seven sails there,

The boat sails the sea.

My soul shimmers,

In my lifeless dead body,

Waits to be retrieved.

When someone passes,

Where they emerge, we wonder,

Or may be they don't?