Chapter 1

Nicole Brooks slowly made her way down Stumble Street, gazing up at the sky on her way to the annual End-of-Summer Festival at Golden Blossom Academy, the school she'd be attending in just a few days. The festival was held every year, mainly to introduce the school to new students and allow them to meet new people before their first day.

Mrs. Brooks had forced Nicole to go see the festival so she could make at least one new friend before school started. Reluctantly, Nicole had set off for the long fifteen minute walk to the school, regretting not allowing her mother to drive her when she offered.

"Stupid school has to be so far..." Nicole muttered. Suddenly, she heard the sound of a bus stopping all the way down the street. The sign on it flashed "Oak Road".

"Hey, that's my school's street!" she yelled, amazed at her luck. She ran as fast as she could down the street to catch the bus, but running in flip flops wasn't her best idea. Just as she reached the side of the bus, Nicole tripped, falling into the arms of a guy waiting to get on the bus.

"Woah! Sorry-"
"Watch it clumsy girl! Look, you scuffed my uniform," he replied rudely, cutting her off.
"If you're so worried about your uniform then why'd you catch me, jerk?" Nicole snapped.
"Ahem!" coughed somebody behind the two, waiting to get on the bus. The boy hurried on, Nicole following behind him. She took a seat across from him since all the other seats were filled.

Suddenly, Nicole realized something. She brushed back her long brown hair and casually looked at the boy. He had brown hair that went right down to his ears and beautiful blue eyes that made him stand out from everybody else on the bus. He wore a white shirt, black pants, a black and red tie, and a jacket that matched. He glanced at her from the corner of his bright blue eyes.

Quickly, Nicole looked away. He's wearing the uniform I bought a couple days ago... he's going to my school! She thought. That would've been good news since he's so cute, but he's too much of a jerk for me to actually like him. Oh well!

She looked straight forward for the rest of the bus ride, which was pretty short. As soon as the doors of the bus opened, the boy rushed off. Nicole quickly got off too, but instantly forgot about him when she looked at the school in front of her. It couldn't be the same school she passed by a couple days ago that her mom had pointed out. The school had been plain; boring cream walls and a large grassy field. Now, the walls were decorated with multi-coloured streamers, creating an illusion of the school being in the midst of a rainbow. Flowers blossomed all across the field, shining in the sun's golden light, which reminded her of the school's name. The front yard was filled with many booths; stands selling baked goods, some games like "knock down all the cups", and even a dunk tank with a girl inside reminding everybody it's still warm enough to wear a tiny bikini.

"Hey!" a girl called. Nicole turned to see one of the people selling cupcakes holding one out for her. "Buy one, they're delicious! Only a dollar!"
"That's so pricey! Buy one of my homemade lemon squares, only 95 cents!" another girl shouted.
"Why eat when you can move your feet?" A guy who looked like he was in grade twelve stood beside a game of Dance Dance Revolution. "Come on, play!"

Everybody was shouting at Nicole to come to their stands or games. She hurried into the school to avoid getting dragged into playing something like DDR. After a quick sigh of relief, she walked through the mostly empty foyer. It was large with a mural covering a whole wall. It showed a variety of flowers glistening in the sunlight, a lot like what the field outside looked like at the moment. Beside the mural was a sign: "Karaoke Competition – In the Gym".

"Karaoke? That's what I'm talking about..." Nicole followed the signs down the hallway and turned into the gym. It was crowded with people, and music blasted from the stage. Two people stood there singing amongst cheers from the audience. After the final lyric, the crowd went crazy.

"Amazing!" spoke a voice walking up behind the two singers. "Now for the results: Who thinks Jeremy here won?" he gestured to a short guy on his left. The crowd clapped loudly with a couple 'YEAH JEREMY!'s thrown in. "And who thinks Lindsey won?" the host asked. The audience screamed and cheered.

"Congrats Lindsey - Here's a record contract!" the host handed a card to her. "Juuuust kidding, that's my phone number. Call it anytime honey..." he winked. "Alright, who wants to go next?"

"Derek! Go Derek!" shouted some guy nearby.
"Derek? Nobody can beat him..." someone replied.
Is that a challenge I hear? Nicole thought as she walked to the stage.
"Come on up Derek!" the host announced. "And another challenger?"

Nicole raised her hand. "Right here!" she called. Some people glanced at her and others stared as she walked onto the stage.
"Why hello there..." the host smirked, giving her a mic. "Good luck, I heard this guy's good..." he walked off as the competition walked on.

"Clumsy girl?" the boy from earlier asked. Derek.
"Jerk?" Nicole asked surprised, accidentally speaking into the microphone.
The crowd mumbled in confusion.
"No way, you're going to sing? This should be good," Derek laughed.
"What, are you scared to face me? Worried I might beat you?" Nicole asked tauntingly.
"Yeah right, nobody can beat me," he replied full of confidence.
Nicole smirked. "Bring it on."

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