Aphrodite Unbound

Synopsis: A lovely woman with a free spirit named Gina meets a Greek woman, named Mia. Immediately the two become friends and Mia convinces Gina to come to Greece to spend the summer. Here Gina discovers inner beauty as well as confidence. When she returns, her coworker, Larry notices her transformation, and is surprised that she has been hiding feelings of affection for him. Boldly, she finally asks him out on a date.

~*~ CAST ~*~

Joleen Baranowski: (Gina's mom)

Anastazy Baranowski: (Gina's dad)

Gina Baranowski:

Alanis Kopsas: (Mia's mother)

Cicero Kopsas: (Mia's father)

Nikos Kopsas: (Mia's brother)

Lina Apostolos: (Niko's fiancee)

Mia Kopsas:

Richard Andrews:

Larry Price:

Chapter 1--'Chance' Meeting

(In the background Stardust is playing, Gina is on her way to the local deli)

Gina: (narrating) It's like any other normal day. Go to work, file, sort, scan, fax, scour financial records for possible errors and the typical stop at the local deli. I noticed that my coworker, Larry, had been eyeing the new pants-suit I had purchased. Unfortunately, I could only acknowledge that handsome rascal with a gleaming grin. (sighs a bit sadly) If only I could simply tell him how I felt about him, or at least tried to ask him out on a date...

Mia: (noticing Gina's choice) I see you chose the pita and raspberry tea. You must have exquisite taste.

Gina: (smiling sweetly) I always like to try a little something different every day. You know what they say, (using quotation marks) 'Variety is the spice of life.'

Mia: (offers hand) I'm Mia Kopsas. Would you mind if I sat and ate with you ?

Gina; Not at all, Mia. I'm Gina Baranowski. I've never seen you here before, but from what I can hear, you're not from around these parts.

Mia: (chuckling) Ah, and you have an excellent ear as well. It is true. I'm not American, well, not originally. I'm from Athens, Greece. I decided to take a respite from work and visit friends overseas. My love, Richard is here. I was hopeful I could take him home with me and introduce him to my family. Strangely, they've been very supportive of me.

What about you, (wriggling eyebrows) do you have any love in your life ?

Gina: (bashfully) I do, I just...(exhales sharply) can't find the courage to tell him. I notice the way he looks at me and he's availible. He doesn't pay attention to any other women.

He compliments me every day and even sits at the same table as I do during lunch.

But all I can do is shyly smile, nod and blush in his presence.

Mia: (taking her hand) You're Aphrodite, and simply don't know it, my dear.

What if I offered you the chance of a lifetime ?

Gina: (raised eyebrow) What do you mean by that, Mia ?

Mia: (squeezes her hand) I want you to come back to Greece with me. Take some time off work, you really look like you could use a vacation.

Gina: (a bit panicked) This is all too much too soon...I have always wanted to travel, but I'm afraid to make any large leaps at this time in my life.

Mia: Darling, you must be willing to make a leap or two in your life sometimes. Incredible things begin to happen when you take one small step. Trust me.

Gina: I just met you, but I sense we're kindred souls. Maybe we were sisters in a past life.

Who knows ?

Mia: I knew from the moment I saw you that we'd be friends, Gina. Just give it some thought and when you've made your decision (hands her a business card) you know where to reach me. My flight to Athens doesn't leave until Sunday so you still have time to mull it over in your mind for a while. Just don't take too long, opportunities like this are rare.

Gina: (taking her hands into hers) Alright. Thank you for the encouragement, I really needed it. (narrating) Little did I know that I was about to make a decision that would forever transform my life and myself in the process.

(Scene fade as soon as Gina finishes talking to Mia, leaving the deli with an even grander smile upon her face.)

Scene 2—Off to Athens

(The next scene is shown as a montage to Shakira's Whenever, Wherever. Gina makes a call to Mia and the scenery shifts quickly to Mia picking up Richard and Gina, driving to the airport. They board the plane together to Athens and Gina takes an aisle seat. We can see her mouth, 'It's beautiful' as they approach to land.)

Mia: And, at last, my friends, we are home again.

Richard: (taking photos) It's phenomenal, even more stunning than I could've ever imagined. (stroking Mia's face gently) Yet, it simply cannot compare to your magnificence, my muse.

Mia: (giggling) Ah, Rich, you know how to treat me like a queen.

Richard: (hugging her from the side) This is so exciting ! I've never even been outside of the States before and now, look at me ! Ha-ha ! (dancing around to a beat of his own making)

Gina: (watching Rich enjoy himself and the spirit of Greece) Is he like this all the time ?

Mia: (lighthearted laugh) Pretty much.

Gina: (taking in the sights, sounds and smells) This place is absolutely gorgeous. I'm glad I came here.

Mia: I am, too, my dear. Now we just have to help you coax your inner Aphrodite out to play, and I think I know of a way. Come, come ! (she takes her hand)

Rich: Where are you two going ?

Mia: Come with us and see !

Rich: (intriegued) Ah, fantastic...I love surprises, and you're always full of them, aren't you, my pet ?

("The Gift" plays as Mia takes Gina to the finest shopping malls, bizarres and to all the historical spots, where she takes photographs of the ruins as well as her friends. By the end of the day, she is positively worn out.)

(Scene shift)

Scene 3—Learn to Join the Dance

Rich: (catching his breath as he sits down with Mia and Gina at an al fresco restraunt)

Whew ! I'm spent !

Mia: (laughing heartily) But Rich, the day isnt' even over ! Maybe once you've had a bite to eat, you'll change your tune.

Rich: Come to think of it I am pretty famished.

Gina: Same here...All that walking really made me hungry.

('Tiranda' plays in the background as the three of them enjoy authentic Greek food but are suddenly surprised by a dance troope as the famous theme from Zorba the Greek plays.)

Gina: (impressed) Dinner and a show ? You never said anything about this.

Mia: As my Rich says, I am full of surprises. (winks at him flirtatiously)

Nikos: (comes along with the dance troop) Hello, Mia my beautiful sister !

Gina: That's your brother ?

Mia: Yes, that's my Nikos. He does this as a part time. His main job is IT consultant.

This he does for the enjoyment of it.

Rich: I'll say...Guy's built like Hercules.

Nikos: (offers his hands to Gina) Come, dance with me ! I'll lead, you follow.

Gina: (blushing) What they say back home about Greek men is true...they are bold !

Nikos: Oh, Mia already told me about you. (chuckling) Don't worry, I know better not to flirt with a woman whose heart belongs to another. Besides, I am to become married myself.

All this dancing is my preparation for the wedding to come in August. I hear that my angelic sister may be having a wedding on the very same day. Wouldn't that be auspicious ?

Gina: (taking his hand and is whisked up by him) Woah ! (laughs) Yes, yes, it certainly would be. I hope it happens and you are both richly blessed.

Nikos: Ah, you have rhythm. Are you sure you weren't Greek in a past life ?

Gina: No, I can assure you. But the Poles are known for loving music !

Nikos: Not just them but the entire world, my dear !

(They make a grand finish and everyone applauds. Gina is catching her breath, in disbelief that she has danced, something that she rarely does.)

Mia: (rushing up to Gina) My friend you were fantastic ! I didn't know you could move like that.

Gina: (still catching her breath) Neither did I, Mia.

Nikos: So, where is this fiance you have been telling me about ? I hope he has been treating you well, or I will have a word with him.

Mia: He's right here. Nikos, meet Richard Andrews.

Rich: (meekly) Um, hi, Nikos ! (shaking his hand vigorously) (awkwardly) Eh-heh. You were really...um...collosal out there.

Nikos: (slaps him hard on the back) Thanks, I just love dancing. For a while, I'm transported by the music and feel as though I am soaring. Though, just being with my stunning Lina gives me the greatest pleasure of all. I cannot wait to be with her for the rest of my days. Tell me. Does your passion for my sister defy the cosmos ?

Rich: (gathering fortitude) I would like to say so. There is no one else on God's green earth I can see myself being with. She is the other half of my soul.

Nikos: Sister, I think you've chosen well.

Mia: We just have to convince mom and dad the same thing. They sounded delighted to meet him, but I'm a little apprehensive. Must be prenuptial jitters.

Rich: (holding her from the side) It's fine, dear. I'm terrified too !

(The two of them laugh)

Gina: (yawning) I don't want to be a wet blanket, but it is becoming rather late and I'm pooped.

Nikos: She's right. The sun's setting and the stars are coming out. My performances are done for the day so I'll take all of you home.

Gina: I wouldn't want to impose ! I wasn't invited to Mia's house, Rich was.

Nikos: Don't worry...You're positively magnificent. I don't see how anyone couldn't help but feel happy in your presence.

Gina: (tenetively) If you don't think I would be a bother.

Mia: (hugging her) You won't be, silly ! We're family now.

Gina: (raised brow) What do you mean by that ?

Mia: I'll tell you tomorrow, darling. For now, let's go home.

Rich: (yawning and stretching) Yeah, before I conk out right in the middle of this marble floor.

(scene change)

Scene 4—Aphrodite Awakened

(The word "August" appears on the screen. Everyone is having a magnificent time outside, wining, dining and dancing. In the background, 'To Taxithi' is playing as people enjoy Mia and Rich's double wedding with Nikos and Lina)

Gina: (letting go with the rhythm and pratically 'flowing' around the room) This is absolutely wonderful. All that pent up fear I had, it's gone at last.

Mia: (raises eyebrow) Oh ? Is that so ? I'd like for you to sing karaoke with me then.

Gina: (stammers slightly) G-g-greek karaoke ? But you know I dont' speak Greek well !

(a bit forcefully) At all !

Mia: It's not true. You've been learning quickly from us. How long have you stayed here ?

One month ! And in that short amount of time, you know how to be polite and make your way around different places.

Gina: I suppose that's true.

Mia: Come on, don't be shy ! I know Aphrodite's awakened in you...Let her be free, my dear.

Gina: (calming herself by breathing deeply)

(The song "Never On Sunday" plays and the two begin singing with emotion.)

(Everyone applauds)

Mia: (impressed) I had no idea you could sing like that...Your voice is angelic.

Gina: (bashfully) I've always loved singing.

Mia: My dear, you're full of mystery. I'm so glad I can call you 'sister' now.

Gina: (hugging her) Me too !

("Opa, Opa" starts playing in the background)

(Nikos and Lina begin dancing enthusiastically together. Mia grabs Richard and pulls him close.)

Richard: Woo ! (laughing)

(Scene transfer from the joyful atmosphere to the airplane, "To Santorini" plays in the background)

Gina: (narrating) And with a blink of the eye the festivities came to an end. I was saying my farewells to Mia, Nikos, Richard and Lina. Goodness knows I would miss them. But I knew that thanks to these beautiful souls my life would be all the richer and every day ahead would be all the more brilliant now that I was fully awake to experience it.

(Scene fade)

Scene 5—Noticable Transformation

("The Next Day" appears on screen. Gina is wearing a bright fushia dress that shows off her perfect legs and smouldering body. "Foxy Lady" plays in the background. As she walks into the office, the guys take notice. She walks straight up to Larry and winks at him.)

Larry: (astonished) Hot tamale !

Gina: (chuckling)

Larry: You most certainly have undergone quite a transformation.

Guess that trip to Greece really enlightened you.

Gina: You could say that. (leans in) I was wondering if you would care to have lunch with me.

Larry: (leans back, dangerously so) I was wondering when you would ever ask me,

Gina. (takes her hand, kissing it) I'd be honored.

Gina: (trimphantly) YES ! (clears throat) I mean...terrific !

(The two of them enjoy a pleasant lunch together, talking, laughing, catching up. He reaches over to touch her hand, and she blushes. Scene shift from the two of them savoring a lunch together to singing 'Sing a Song' together at a Japanese restaurant.)

Larry: I never knew you could sing like that. You have a voice like an angel.

A talent like that should never be hidden.

Gina: Why, thank you. (smiling effervescantly) It's funny but ever since that trip to Greece, I'm taking giant leaps outside my comfort zone and taking life less seriously. After all, life is short so we should enjoy it. Right ?

Larry: And a philosopher too ! I knew there was a reason I liked you.

(the two of them laugh)

(They go see 'Something Borrowed' together, and return home to 'I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore', and she draws him into a passionate kiss.)

Gina: I hope we can do this again soon.

Larry: (dazed) I as well, Gina. I think this is the beginning of something beautiful.

Goodnight for now, sweetheart. I'll see you next week. (winks at her flirtaously)

(I Could Have Danced All Night plays as she twirls her way home. Scene change.)

Scene 6—Aphrodite the Bride

(One year later shows up on screen in cursive type. Jesu Joy of man's desiring is being played by a string quartet. Gina's mom is next to her, crying gleefully.)

Joleen: My baby ! After all these years, my baby meets her knight in shining armor !

I can't believe it !

Anastazy: Now, Joleen...please stop crying. If you don't stop, I'll start ! (he hugs his wife from the side.)

Joleen: Anastazy, you know how I get at weddings. It's perfectly fine to cry. These are tears of joy, my darling. I couldn't be happier for my darling girl ! (kissing her daughter's cheek)

Gina: I'm just relieved you approve of him. At first I wasn't so sure that Larry and dad would get along very well.

Anastazy: Larry's a good kid. I just had to test him to make sure he was perfect for my sweet rosebud.

Gina: (embarassed) Dad !

(The parents hug her close, and Mendelson's Wedding March begins to play.)

Joleen: This is it, sweetie ! We're with you all the way.

Gina: (warmly, lovingly) Thanks mom, and dad.

(Anastazy escorts his daughter down the aisle and she meets the eyes of her husband to be. He takes her hands and his eyes well with joyous tears.)

Larry: I've been waiting to do this forever. I couldn't be gladder that you said 'yes', beautiful.

Gina: (chuckling, getting a bit teary eyed herself) I'm euphoric. I feel like I could never come down ! (narrating as 'Make a Wish' begins to play in the background) From that moment onward, I never did. Larry and I were married at last (and their kiss is shown at exactly the right moment here), blissfully, of course. Every day is a new adventure for us, and we're not sure where the road of life may lead us next. Wherever it is, we'll be facing it together, and as we do, we dance along the way, to the rhythm that love has taught us.

(Scene fade, roll credits)