Home Trained for You
By: Selim
Summary: Mark was only sixteen when he was kidnapped. He was still a boy when he was forced into a life that would change him from the sweet teenager to the scared man subservient only to his husband.
Warnings: Slash, Rape, Minor, Abuse
Disclaimer: This is an original work of fiction. Any similarities to any real people, places, or events are purely coincidental. Note: Unbeta'd

No matter how long it's been, I still remember the last day of my freedom.

It was my sixteen birthday and I had decided to hang out with my friends doing things that I enjoyed. I wanted to play baseball and my friends agreed with some reluctance. I remember being in the outfield of the lot, bordering the old junkyard, when my friend Skyler knocked a ball out of the field. He of course cheered; I only wanted to cuss him out at losing our last ball as I made a mad dash inside the old junk yard to find it.

I don't, to this day, know why me. I remember bending down to grab my ball and then darkness. I may have regained conscious a few times, but each time was shrouded in darkness. Faintly, I remember my friends calling my name before they decided that I'd probably went home like a baby about losing the game. I think I had started screaming, trying to get them to find me but no one heard anything and I would fade out of conscious again.

The next time I regained full conscious I was no longer in that junkyard and my freedom was a thing of the past. My arms were secured to a radiator, my mouth gagged with a foam ball, my eyes blindfolded. I know I was conscious only by the pure grace of god that I could see light fading in the background. There was a ticking of a clock to my left, the sound of a leaky faucet and the voices of people outside. In attempt to free myself, I rattled the chain handcuffs while my feet moved under my body to pull myself up. It didn't work. Screaming past the gag, I began to pull and lash out trying to break the chain links.

"Calm down, I won't hurt you..."

Isn't it strange that when you hope someone could save you the first voice you hear is usually a menacing one? My captor's voice was a rough, masculine one laced with lust. I wasn't stupid, I know what he wanted. It sent shivers down my back, causing me to tense and prepare for the worst. Even past the gag, I tried to fight calling him a fag, a fucking fag that should die. He needed to let me go or something would happen. I didn't know what I could do, tied at someone's mercy.

Clammy hands touched my cheek, moving down to my chin. He lifted my chin, probably to look me over. "You're so much prettier up close. My sweet and pretty Aiden."

I struggled against the chains, letting the warm metal eat into my wrist. I didn't care, I wanted freedom while I screamed past the ball, "My name's Mark!" I doubt he heard me though.

"You're so overdressed, Aiden. Let me help you with that."

With a loud grunt, I retaliated that it was Mark, but I can tell he's no longer listening to me. Something cold brushed across my arms, hitching up the sleeves of my shirt. My ears are pulsing with blood as I hear the tear of fabric. He's cutting off my clothes. The man in me says I'm not crying, but the wetness rolling down my cheeks says otherwise. I'm scared to death. I've heard of cases of kidnapping and rape, but it's always little girls – no, children. I've never heard of a sixteen-year-old boy being kidnapped, raped. Maybe it was because they all ended up dead?

"Please…" I'm groveling now, but the gag in my mouth garbles my words. "Let me go…"

Either he doesn't understand me or doesn't care; he continues a downward path with his knife, nicking me here and there. "So many pleasure points, my Aiden." I don't know what he's talking about until the knife brushes back up and I buck wildly. It occurs to me that every time I move I knick myself. The only times I've moved, I noted, are spots that send nervousness up to my brain to withdraw quick – my nipples, my belly, my groin, my thighs, my feet. It scares me to death, each article of clothing cut away leaving me bear to the world for it to witness my ass rape.

"I'm straight…" I try again.

My girlfriend, she'd never want a guy who's taken it up the ass. My parents would abandon me if I was gay. My friends would all ignore me. "You're such a pretty boy, Aiden."

I tried to ignore him. I'd heard those words before. I had my mother's slim build only fueled by my need to play sports such as baseball rather than football. I had no real tone going on. No fat, no muscle, just tall, bony Mark. I had a girl's face; my dad once told me when I was bullied. Pretty blue eyes, long lashes, dark hair that hung in my face because I keep putting off a haircut. My eyebrows weren't bushy, I had no facial hair to say, and I could count the number of hairs on the base of my cock in two hands.

My teammates said I was just a late bloomer.

"So tiny." He touched my penis and I lashed away from him, putting pressure on my back. I didn't like to talk about my disadvantages, no with my soon-to-be rapist. "You're just too cute, Aiden."

Chewing on the gag in my mouth when the big hand wrapped around my cock, I found myself trying to lose consciousness again. Anything than feel the man pull the foreskin from my penis back before bringing it forward again. I was scared, I knew what he was going to do and just by coming, my body was agreeing to enjoy this. I was hardening, the blood was flowing fast, pooling in my penis. Trying to break the chain, I found myself screaming as I came hard and fast in the hand of another man.

"You taste so good."

I shivered. "Please let me go." I knew what would happen next, and it scared me to death. I was surprised to hear a faraway door close followed by the sounds of the man moaning. He couldn't take me. I breathed a sigh of relief, letting my head drop back. This had to be a horrible dream that I'd wake up to, feel disgusted, and never talk about again.

A door opened again. The man removed my blindfold and I remember staring up at my captor for the first time. He was in his early thirties with faded dark blonde hair and brown eyes. His bronzed skin suggested many hours of manual labor along with his large muscular frame. He was a giant in comparison to my tall frame. He probably was well over six feet. I knew if there wasn't a ball stuffed in my mouth, I would have started begging him not to grind my bones to make bread or something stupid like that.

"Were you crying?" He asked, bending down next to me. His big finger brushed under my eyes, the rough pad brushing the moist skin under my eyes. "I didn't mean to scare you, I just couldn't hold back any longer. I've been watching you for such a long time."

The worst pick up line, in my opinion, to give to someone still chained to a radiator, in a strange apartment, with a gag in their mouth. I was still his captive with no clue what was going on except I was very naked and he could change his mind at any moment and fuck me into oblivion. Using my legs, I pushed back on his leg, trying to keep a distance between us while fixing him my best glare. I wanted him to know that I was not happy with the current situation.

The minute my bare foot touched his leg, it was grabbed by my captor. He gave me a toothy grin. "You shouldn't hit the person who loves you. It makes me very, very, very mad." With each word, his grip of my foot tightened and I thought the bone would break as I fought to get out of his hold. He didn't relent. "When I saw you, Aiden, I just knew I had to have you."

I cried again that my name was Mark, but I knew that the man wasn't listening to me. He kissed my foot lovingly before returning my blindfold. I never welcomed darkness so much than I did that moment. I didn't want him to see me cry.

My name's Mark. This little voice piped up in the back of my head. It kept repeating that mantra every time he called me that name. I've never hated a name more than I did the moment he started calling me it. I am Mark, named after my grandfather. I am a person, not an animal to be named. I sobbed as his rough finger continued to touch my wet cheeks. "I don't mean to scare you," his voice shook. He seemed so scared. "I love you so much."

"Let me go! Let me go!" With new resolve, I fought against my bindings. The thick warmth sliding down my arm didn't deter me from my attempts. I didn't want to be there anymore, not under his gaze or exposed. The gag in my mouth caught my words, attempting to leave his oblivious of my yells. He ignored them just as easily, his hand leaving my face. I knew that he was gone and I wouldn't hear from him again for another two days.

Two days I was forced to sit there, living in my own filth with only my grumbling belly to keep me company and the vile scent of feces to make me want to vomit. At one point I wanted to know where my captor was, if anything, for food. It occurred to me that maybe I wasn't going to be shot to death, but molested and starved. The cops would find me dressed in my own waste, bony thin. I don't remember when I stopped salivating, but it left my mouth feeling irritated, especially along the edges where it'd been forced open.

I cried in joy when I heard a door open and someone call out Aiden—

Although my name is Mark—

My head probably slammed to the side, responding not to the name but to a smell. I was so familiar to the smell of a burger but wasn't if it was just my starved brain playing mind games on me. "Would you like some water Aiden?"

It's Mark.

I nod.

The ball is slowly removed from my mouth, and I slowly close my jaw relieved that the overworked muscle could finally relax. A cup is placed under my chin, and I inhale deeply the crisp fragrance of water. I have never been happier in my life. Trying to push myself away from the wall and towards the water, I ended up face first in the cool liquid. I must have made a spectacle of myself doing this.

With the blindfold wet, I almost howl in rage when my captor pushes my head back. I don't want him touching me. "You need a bath."

"…f'od…" I try to request the burger I'm now positive I smell. I feel something slide under my nose, taunting my receptors.

"You have to behave to get this."

Clamping my jaw out, I'm surprise when the man hits me with an open palm. Jerking back, I look away from him. The blindfold falls from my ear, weighted down by water. I can see the burger in question, a small McDonald's one just wanting to be ate by me, but it's too far away, behind my captor. "Please…" My voice is so hoarse from lack of use.

"You need a bath first." The man's reaching for the handcuff's holding my arms back. I watch him unlatch them, my body falling forward. I have no strength to push myself up from a puddle of urine. The man pities me, helping me up from the ground. He carried me bridal style to an attached bathroom, and I quietly take in my surroundings.

I've been in the man's bedroom since my first day in, chained to the radiator. The window is covered by a black sheet, but from my position I can't see beyond it. The bed doesn't look slept in and I know for a fact that I'd heard no one else since the first day, making me wonder if that was his room or a guest room (if I behave, do I get to sleep in that comfy looking bed?) . The bathroom is just as small with a tub that will barely hold my lengthy body, a toilet, and an attached wall sink. It's really an old apartment complex. My mind organizes all the possible places we could be staying at, trying to remember any small information that could help if I do escape. I come up with nothing, to my horror.

"I already drew you a bath, Aiden. Do you like lavender bubble bath? It'll help calm you down. You put up such a racket the other day." I shiver as I'm lowered into lukewarm water. With his help, I'm propped up against the wall; my captor busied himself washing my body off.

His big hand and tiny rag worked its way slowly across my chest, down my stomach, along my penis, and finally between my buttocks. I wanted to fight him back, feeling uncomfortable with the ministration but I couldn't fight the strength. Sure will power alarm brought my week arms forward to push against his chest when he tried to put a finger in my butt. I actually whimpered when he pulled me against his chest, his hand working between my globes. "I have to clean your special area." He whispered soothingly in my ear as a cloth covered finger pressed passed my hole.

"I, I, no…!" I was going to lose my ass virginity, I just knew it.

"Relax, Aiden." The man touched my ass cheeks lovingly.

"M, Mark…"

"What was that?"

There was a sharp change in his speech, and it sent shivers down my spine. His loving facade disappeared. His pitch lowered, becoming one almost a demon. I knew at that moment he was not a man to piss off. "P, please," I was kicking myself in the ass for begging but I was actually scared, "please don't…"



Two large hands wrapped around my throat, pushing me back against the tub. The strength that I didn't have before came back fast as I fought to get him off of me. Kicking and clawing at his arms, I made raspy noises that were supposed to be screaming. It wasn't, I realized, that I'd told him I didn't want to fuck that had pissed him off, it was my reluctance to use that name. "Aiden, you're name is Aiden." I was on the edge of passing out when he finally let go of me and I fell back in the water.

"M, my name is Aiden."

The voice in the back of my head didn't pipe up this time. Every part of me was scared of what had just happened.

Pulling me knees under my chin, I fought outright crying. I wanted to go home. I wanted to just wake up in the comfort of my bed with my mom making me breakfast as my dad chastised my heavy sleeping habits. Anything was better than this nightmare I was suddenly thrown into.

The man patted my cheek. "That's right. Now stand up, I need to drain the water." With his help, I stood on rocky legs, forced to lean again his large frame so I wouldn't fall again. Suddenly the shower head was turned on, shocking my body awake. "Look at your hair, it's so messy. We're going to have to shampoo it." I let him, lost in the water droplets fallen on my lips. The scent of lavender grew heavy as he worked the gloppy mess in my hair. The shower quickly washed it away before I was helped out of the shower.

I was brought back to the room, told to sit on the bed. Shivering, I stared down at the mess I'd left the last few days. My attention grew lost, ignoring as my hair was dried, my skin brushed, my penis loved. He didn't return to my rectum, so I didn't care. I watched him pay attention to the head of my penis, almost enthralled by the skin around the head. "You're cold."

"…F, food…" I reminded him. The smell of the hamburger still lured in the air. My stomach growled in agreement.

The man stepped back. "You want that burger?"

I nodded.

"Suck me off first." Loosening his belt, the man unzipped his pants to pull his hard erection out. My gaze fell on its red head wondering at what point he had been turned on and why I hadn't noticed it before. He was huge, proportional to a man his size. Instinctively my legs closed, trying to hide my own inadequacies. "If you suck me off real good, I'll give you the whole burger."

I wouldn't. "You said if I behaved!"

"And you didn't, Aiden."

It's Mark!

"I'm being nice offering you this second chance." The man's huge erection bobbed when his hips moved. "I should let you starve to think about your behavior to me."

"I won't!" Turning my body, I crossed my arms.

The man walked over to where he'd left the burger. The sound of a wrapper being removed caused my head to turn back and watch as he took a huge bite of the sandwich. My stomach growled in protest. Like prey walking into a trap, I crawled across the bed to watch him take another big bite then another. With only half left he showed me the food. "You have a choice," he offered again, "You can starve, or you can blow me off. The choice is yours Aiden."

It smelt so good. I groaned, watching him bring the food to his mouth. As he was preparing to bite down, I whispered, "I'll do it."

Sliding to the floor on my knees, I stared at his huge penis. Nervously wrapping my hands around the base, I stared up at him with wide eyes. "I, I've never done this."

"I'm sure you'll be great."

With a shiver, I brought the head of his cock into my mouth. My first thought: it was musky, definitely male. My second thought: how the hell was I supposed to fit the entire thing in my mouth? I'd seen porn, sure, but those women usually had big mouths anyway. The head alone felt too big for my mouth to take. At best, I could fit half of the huge penis in my mouth. Feeling my eye twitch, I refused my mouth and licked his head before trying again.

I only got a tiny bit of his penis in my mouth the second time before my gag reflex kicked in. Coughing, I pulled back, feeling tears roll down my eyes. Looking up at my captor, I watched him rip the half into another half. "I, I can't. You're too big."I watched him eat one of the halves. Eyes watering, I took the man's penis in my mouth again. This time his free hand grabbed my bangs, stopping me from pulling away. Forced forward, I swallowed more of his cock, feeling it touch the back of my throat. Gagging again, I tried to pull away.

"Don't you dare bite me."

The man moved my head, forward and back attempting to lodge his penis further and further down my throat. Under my hands, his balls tightened and I moved my tongue over the head just as it pulled out of my mouth. The first glob of cum hit my lips as the man worked his hand around the erection, jerking himself off. The second glob hit my cheeks. "Open your mouth." I did just that as the next one sprayed onto my tongue. The man's hand moved from my bangs to the back of my head as he finished in my mouth.

When I finally could pull away, I let my jaw slide open, the man's semen rolling from my mouth. It was so disgusting. I brought my hands to my face, crying into the palms. I felt like such a whore as the last remaining piece of hamburger was dropped into the pool of semen on the floor. Too hungry to care, I grabbed the meat and stuffed it in my mouth before my captor could change his mind. It wasn't much, actually it was nothing at all but it made my stomach momentarily happy.

"Climb on the bed."

Hands still against my face, I looked through my fingers up at my captor.


That voice again. Rising to my rocky knees, I climbed on the bed. I choose to ignore the leer he gave my ass when it passed his vision.

"Lay down."

I did as he told, keeping my legs tightly together. This was it; I heard the back of my brain cry. He was finally ready to go through with "it". Instead, he grabbed my arms to chain me back up. The man then cleaned the cooling cum off of me before he replaced the gag in my mouth. "I love your eyes." The man kissed both lids before pulling back. "You'll get better."

I didn't want to get better, I just wanted to get freed and go home. For the first time since my capture, I begin to cry openly.