In all honesty,

With trust,

Determined and broken,

The world turned to dust.

Discouraged from grief,

Without a single sound,

They came for us,

Betrothed us to the ground.

Our thoughts were not ours,

And the time was not kept.

For their fortress was nowhere;

No one was tempt.

Our lives were controlled, brought to ruin by them,

And I could have sworn,

They enjoyed every minute of it.

Loyalty was granted,

When they brought us up high,

When we saw the last tree,

For the rest of our lives.

That was our first day

Of our unfair advantage,

Because we had hope;

We need not be managed.

Then the day came,

When our rebellion started;

Focused and livid,

We tore them and parted.

There was no more grass,

No more trees, no more peace.

Our worst fears were reached;

But 100 years later,

Our world would rebirth,

Into a land of freedom,

Because that is our last peace.