I had some pent up frustrations when I wrote this. Everything was stressful and everyone around me just made everything worst, which may be the reason why it's in a really weird form of free form aha...

Either way, I hope you read and enjoy! Remember to review!

The World

The world is filled with ugliness.

It keeps turning when you want it to stop.
It keeps going when you want it to let you go.

It is a world filled with pain and tears.

Keep wishing for a better tomorrow,
But you shall never obtain it.

Life is filled with frustration,
Frustration you will never get rid of
But bottle up inside
Until the day comes
When the cap bursts open,
Revealing nothing but sorrow and hate

The world is an ugly place

There is no hope left.

It is a world that will never change for the better.

Everything is against you.
Everything will continue to go against you.

It's time to give up hope, give up faith.

All there is left to do is wait for it to end.
Yet the wait can take an eternity.

No matter what you do, you can never win.

All options will leave you sitting on the losing side.

Nothing you do can change this world.
Nothing you do can change this ugliness.
Nothing you do can create a beautiful world.


Not exactly a cheery poem but I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless.

This is the first time I feel like I really wrote in a random free form. It matched my mood then, I guess aha. Thank you for reading!

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