A twister swept through our lives, twisting everything,

And it was strong enough to break the two of us apart.

And now I don't have any place in your life anymore,

I don't even occupy a tiny inch of space in your heart.

You don't even look at me; I don't even exist these days.

There's nothing that I can do now, so I'll just walk away.

I'll walk away from all the thousand awkward moments

When we would have been face to face.

I'll be gone from everything that I wanted to be part of.

That's the one way to save myself I guess.

I don't like my mind cluttering with images of you guys kissing.

You always ignore my presence, so maybe you'd see I'm missing?

Maybe you'd notice I'm not there, maybe you won't.

If you start wondering why I'm not present, no, just don't.

Oh who am I kidding? Like you give a damn about me?
A forward text with a "I care" doesn't mean anything, you see.

Imagine my condition when I texted I don't feel for you.

But lies can save my heart from breaking; it's what I need to do.

I'll walk away from the moments where I would have had

The chance of spending some time with you somehow.

What's the use of stealing a few glances here and there

And exchanging a few formal meaningless words now?

Oh who am I kidding? I'm listening to "Get back" and

"Remember December" on loop, yeah I know you won't understand.

I don't either, trust me, I don't understand why I love you.

A text from your friend says love has no reason, so maybe it's true?

I'll walk away from all the days when I would have come home

And started singing along to "Did you forget".

I'll walk away from all the times that you would have ignored me,

The ones which make me wish we had never met.

Oh who am I kidding? Just look at me once this time!

I'm writing poetry that barely makes sense, with no rhythm or rhyme!

When I close my eyes it's no use, I see your smiling face.

It only gets worse when I dream; when I wake up I'm a total mess.

I'll walk away from all the moments when you would acted

Oblivious to my feeling, when you would have been a jerk.

I'll walk away from all the teasing and taunting of your friends

That you gladly join in, the ones who make me wanna bark.

And then I'd come back home and listen to "Gonna get caught" again.

Then I'd scream to "everything you're not" and "trash" to fight my pain.

Somewhere in the middle of this, everything will start to feel numb.

Oh you know just how much you torture me, don't you dare try to act dumb!

Oh who am I kidding? You couldn't care less if I died.

You would have laughed and smiled if you were there while I cried.

Just for the record, no one can love you more than me.

You're welcome to keep flaunting your new flame, seriously, feel free.

And I'll just listen to "every time you lie",

And "quiet" and "open" and "not yet" while I cry.

There, I just gave you my full play list.

Now goodbye, I wish you all the best….

I've walked away.

I've walked away from all the smiles and the tears.

I've walked away.

I've given in to my uncertainty and my growing fears.

I've walked away.

I've given up on my dreams and hard work of years.

I've walked away.

I've given up hoping and praying that you'd be here….

Someday I'd walk away from this twisted love too.

Someday my heart won't skip a beat when I see you.

And someday some moment you'll remember there was this girl.

You won't remember my name, just how you made my lips twirl.

Up and down- In smile and in frown.

You'd remember my all 32-out smile.

You'd remember it's been a long while.

Maybe you'd regret hurting me, maybe you won't.

If you feel pity for me, no, just please don't.

Because that day I would have found the one who loves me.

I'll walk away from this pain now, I'll set myself free.

I'll find love again someday.

Right now, I'll just have to walk away….