Sometimes I like to take a peak at other people's mind.

Sometimes it's fascinating, sometimes I'm shocked to find

That the smile plastered on their faces clashes

With the unshed tears burning behind their eyelashes.

So many people with so many problems and so many emotions.

Wish I could reach out to them with some magic potion

That would take just a few seconds to make pain disappear!

Because I know nothing gets better when you say "I'm here".

Sympathizing can only make it seem easy when it isn't really.

Problems don't go away like that, to think so you'd have to be silly.

But when I look at other people's lives I realize

That there's a thickening veil that's been clouding my eyes.

I'm a fool to think that I'm the saddest person alive.

Some people are in much worse condition, fighting just to thrive.

So when I'm cutting my wrist I'm just being selfish.

Instead I should close my eyes and make a wish-

Pray to God to make this world a much better place.

Or give me the power to put a smile on someone's face.

If I had magic I would probably have used it to revenge my foes.

Then again, maybe I'd have used it to help my friends, you never know.

When I look at other people's lives going wrong,

Something in me tells me I'm better, asks me to stay strong.

Because only by staying strong can I try to be of some help.

I don't wanna waste my whole life pitying myself!

If I can do something for even one person it means a lot.

Maybe I can try being a better person? I'll give it a shot.

Because magic isn't in waving wands, it's a feeling in our hearts.

A gentle touch, a kind smile, and the healing of souls starts.

No broken heart is irreparable if you have the right glue.

I'll stop thinking too much about myself, there's a lot to do.

I'm no saint, I won't be a nun, but I can be a friend.

I can ignore my own pain and put someone else's heart on mend.

Even at this moment, I want to break down and cry.

But I won't, because now I can see life through other people's eyes…

A/N: yeah yeah lacks rhythm meter blah blah :P This one's from my real life. A realization I had one sudden moment :P