I won't eat. It's just an outlet; it's not about the food.

It's just my way of dealing with my sinking mood.

I'm feeling so worthless now my stomach's churning.

So what's the harm if I starve myself and set it burning?

I've tried eating; the food seems to be stuck, choking my throat.

My chest walls seem to be closing in, screaming high-pitched notes.

Mouth-watering food doesn't affect me when my eyes are watering.

I can't cut myself right now, I can't scream, I can't write, I can't sing.

So the only option left to me now is leaving my plate of food intact.

People think I'm losing weight from stress, they don't know these facts.

I can rarely feed myself more than a biscuit or two at school-

Something bad always happens that leaves me feeling like a fool.

And at home always I'm over-eating, munching on junk-food.

It's just my outlet; it's my way of dealing with my sinking mood.

It's like not I care about gaining a few pounds of weight!

This is just my weird way of punishing myself for my fate!

I don't make myself vomit, I'm grateful if I get some food in.

Maybe someday someone will try to feed me properly and win?

Right now, I can only wait for the wheels of time to turn.

Till then, I'll starve myself and let my stomach burn…

A/N: I've finally realized that I was headed towards an eating disorder, and I have finally started eating more. Yay! :) Hello fruits :)