What's The Value

Don't leave me behind, don't leave me alone

You know I get scared when I'm on my own

Don't push me away, but pull me along

Cause what's the value in a friend that's always gone?

Don't fail my faith, like people tend to do

Don't loose my heart, I've given it to you

Don't let me down, don't be untrue

Cause what's the value in "we're through"?

Don't you dare get mean, don't you dare quit love

Don't you dare say, "I give up"

In a world that is so broken

The only thing that's whole is our promises

What's the value in a broken one?

What's the value in a lying tongue?

What's the value in promising in the first place

If you're going to walk away?

Never push me down, never leave me alone

Don't give back my heart, it's yours to own

Don't you dare and walk out of this room

Cause then what's the value then in an "I promise you"?