I fell for you,
Though I knew better.
I longed for you,
But it didn't matter.
You fell for her,
And my heart shattered.

I saw it coming,
I already knew.
I wish I were mad,
But I don't blame you.
I knew it would happen,
Just wish it weren't true.

I want to be angry,
To give you my hate.
And I want to be happy,
If just for her sake.

But things are all backwards,
All twisted and wrong.
It's her that I hate,
You and I get along.

Every time that I see her,
I bite back a swear.
While every time I see you,
I fight not to stare.

I wish I could fix things,
Could turn back the clock.
I know that I can't,
It doesn't come as a shock.

I hate that I love you,
I know it's not right.
I want to move on,
With all of my might.

Yet each time I see you,
My heart skips a beat.
You enter my dreams,
Interrupt all my sleep.
And during the day,
You're all that I think.

If I could reverse things,
Could change our past,
There'd be nothing between us,
We weren't meant to last.

Now it's too late,
I've fallen too far.
Just so you know,
You've broken my heart.