Rating: K+

Characters: Duncan Taylor, Claire McCabe

Summary: Duncan Stumbles on a very interesting person in a very interesting store...

Genre: General/Friendship

Duncan Taylor wasn't a clumsy person.

So he rarely tripped, fell, slipped or stumbled. Unless, of course, it was in a metaphorical sense.

It was a lovely Saturday morning when he stumbled on a very interesting person. Long black hair and vivid violet eyes alerted him to the fact that he had actually never seen her before.

She looked awfully confused.

"What're you so confused about?" He asked her. She looked startled-Opps, Duncan thought.

"Oh, sorry, I scared you. I just wanted to know what was bugging you. Maybe I could help?" he said, shrugging.

Shyly, Claire stepped forward a bit. "I'm not entirely sure...well, what I mean other girls wear stuff like this?"

Later, when Duncan left with his mother, he thought about the girl and the conversation they had. Claire her name was. What an interesting girl...

Duncan Taylor wasn't a clumsy person.

But, sometimes, he'd admit, it was okay to stumble.

Metaphorically speaking, of course.

A/N (updated 10/27/12 ): Hey everyone! You may remember this story as a prompt challenge. Reading them a year later, some I hated, others I thought were cute, and so I revamped this story to be a library to keep all my short stories and whatnot. Stumble has always been my favourite (one of em) so I decided to keep it. Duncan is a cutie pototie :3