Characters: Ariana and Amber Rivers, Twin sisters

Rating: K+

Summary: For Ariana and Amber Rivers, being twins is awesome.

Genre: Family/Friendship/Humour

There are many days at school where Ariana and Amber go through the same questions.

"You guys look alike. Are you sisters?"

And the same answers, each time.

"Yeah, we're twins."

This usually leads to a bunch of questions, like:

"Wow, you guys don't look alike at all. Why?"

"Is it annoying?"

"Do you guys, like, share a room and stuff?"

This, once more, leads to the same answers.

"We're fraternal."

"No, it's not annoying."

"Yeah, we, like, do, and, like, stuff!"

When Amber answers the last question, each and every time Ariana giggles. And then there's their personal favourite question:


Amber face palms. Ariana giggles and answers the question. It differs depending on what mood the twins are in.

Sometimes, Ariana likes to goof off. "Yes. We defiantly have Twin Telepathy. We even dream the same dreams and talk to each other in our minds."

And other times, Amber feels amused and annoyed. "Nope, we don't. It's a myth..."

But there is one question they always answer the same each time.

"What's it like being twins?"

And they share a look, smirk, and yell at the top of their voices:


A/N- Ariana and Amber Rivers. Loosely based on two people I know very well :)

Ze twins are very different. Ariana has short brown hair with bangs and vivid blue eyes. She's also optimistic, happy and funny. Amber has black hair and green eyes. She's sarcastic, calm, and funny in her own way. They are both very mysterious, and tend to get these questions all the time.

Now, I'm not a twin (though I've been mistaken for one) so all these questions are based on what I've heard, what I've thought, and what I've seen. If there are any Twins out there, tell me if you've ever gotten this before.

UPDATE 10/27/12 Twins are gonna twin. I liked the way I portrayed them dealing with questions, so I kept it.