sitting in a coffee shop, snowflakes dancing to the ground and turning the outside world into a winter wonderland, steam spiraling off hot drinks, dainty coffee shop music floating around us. i laugh with you, simple and stupid and wonderful. our fingers are delicately intertwined and i memorize the patterns in your satin skin, your soft hands my anchor to reality. you speak pretty words just for me, i smile. we are the pair inside the snow globe, a place of sighs and eyelashes and pink cheeks and magic. this moment is wrapped in a glass bubble, we are under a spell. i want to stay with you in this little coffee shop forever, counting the colors in your eyes.

this is our winter song.

a/n: this was inspired by 'winter song' by sara bareilles and ingrid michaelson. i'm actually not sure if i like this or not, becuase i started writing it on a sudden burst of inspiration in the middle of the night. then, when i tried to go back and edit it, i just couldn't recapture the feeling. so if this completely sucks, that's why. =D