The word love is tossed around like a beach ball at a concert..
Like a baseball in the season. A home run here. A foul there.
Like a football at the Superbowl and you're the one thrown down.
Like a hacky-sack at college.
Like the flu in winter...
Like words that don't mean anything and are passed along in horrid gossip.
Everyone says I love you. But does anyone mean it anymore? Does anyone even know what it means?
The day I say the words I love you will be the day I feel something so foreign for one man.
Something strong for another human.
Something so amazing I can't comprehend it.
Love is so strong and spectacular it shouldn't be wasted on people that come and go in your life or that fruit salad you had for lunch. It should only be saved for that one person you know you'll spend your life with.
The one that sends your heart on a race one Flash couldn't keep up with.
The one that makes your stomach do flips like an acrobat at just the thought.
They make your palms sweat, your mind reel, your knees quake, and still manages to keep you together, and apart when you're apart.
That's love.
Not some word you tell a friend who could back stab you at any moment.
Love is strong and wonderful.
I've felt it. Or thought I have...
Because of this, I hate romance more than ever.