An Introduction

"Oh, he's over there! Come on, I'll introduce you to him." Carla grabbed Leeann's forearm, and dragged her across the room.

Leeann desperately wanted to protest, but held her tongue. No protest had worked before. Ignoring the prospect that awaited her across the room, Leeann instead gazed around the house of the party. Pounding music, gyrating bodies, the low rumble of indistinct talk and laughter, and the sharp, bitter scent of alcohol. Great, Leeann sighed.

Carla stopped suddenly, and Leeann reluctantly faced her friend. Carla winked at her, and then stepped forward, "Hey, I'm glad you could make it." She said, to someone out of Leeann's sight.

"I wouldn't miss it."

Whoever it was had a nice voice, Leeann noted.

Carla turned and grabbed Leeann's hand again, dragging her forward, "This is my friend ..." she began, but Leeann didn't hear much of the rest. She had caught sight of the speaker.

His face was framed by dark brown waves, shaggy and unkempt, and it was accentuated by a straight nose, arched eyebrows, a playful smile and narrow, tilted eyes the colour of the stormy sky. He was incredibly good-looking. He was also incredibly familiar.

"Uh – hi." Leeann said, smiling slightly.

The familiar boy quirked an eyebrow, "Leeann, wasn't it?"

Leeann nodded, trying to ignore the urge to look away, "Yeah, that's me. And you are?"

"My name is Daemon. Not my real name, 'course. But it's the only one I answer to." His playful smile twisted upwards slightly, becoming a smirk.

Leeann felt her eyebrow twitch. Alright-y then, she thought.

Daemon grinned, "Impressed?"

Carla interrupted before Leeann could reply, "I'm going to go get something to drink. You to have fun, alright?" she winked at Leeann once more before leaving.

Leeann turned back to the familiarly-handsome boy, "So…" she began, scuffing her toes awkwardly against the floor.

Daemon smirked, "So, indeed. You know, I feel like I've seen you before."

Leeann looked at him sharply, "I feel the same way. About you, of course."

Daemon laughed, "Of course."

Leeann felt strangely comfortable around the boy. But there was something roguish about him, something that felt … dangerous. Probably how he earned his name, Leeann thought.

She looked back at the boy, and found him surveying her similarly. She frowned, "Why do they call you Daemon?"

Daemon laughed, "Well, you see," he paused slightly, "it's kind of a long story."