AN: Some of the formatting in the poem cannot be done due to the Fiction Press formatting. Unleashes is supposed to be far away from dj but on the same line. Also in line 31 me should be spaced far from away.

The lights go
down and the dj unleashes
his display of
c n u i n
o f s o
dizziness I am going to
I shouldn't be here
I shouldn't have brought
God help me. I look to a friend
with eyes that say
kill me I should have been
somewhere else. No I am not
enjoying myself. I want to
cry. I want to die. I don't
belong I don't want to.
I do belong I am just like what I wish I didn't
associate myself with. My heart and my mind
go in two
tnereffid directions
I am being s t r e c h e d
I might br eak
heI lust to beld
But I believe that it means nothing if it's just anyone
To my brain it doesn't matter who
But to my wounded heart it does
Stay away from me
No wait hold me close just for tonight
God help me. This is not the way
a prom is supposed to be.