Author's Note : One-Shot story, I wrote for my Short Fiction Workshop. It went over well, and I was neglecting my FictionPress. Now it's open for public viewing. Inspired form It's Kind Of a Funny Story.

I'm Misunderstood, I Swear.

Troubled. How simple a word. Yet so complex. Parents' opinions had been established. Doctors uttered in agreement. Friends decided their words were better creditable then my own. So thus, my new label was created. Troubled teenage Miles. How ridiculous, I wasn't crazy, off my top, bonkers, or whatever you want to call it. I was completely sane, the stress of life overflowed my actions. That was the only problem; I needed stress management, not admittance into a mental hospital. Stupid ass parents, how could two people who are suppose to support and care about me, stick me in this terrible place?

I'm in the whiter than white common room at the moment. It's really the only place I can be, I punched an attendee. No my fault though, you know. He put his hands on me. That's all on him. He was such an ugly person anyway. Forehand ten times larger then his fat head. I'm better then he is. I don't deserve to be here. Everyone but me.

"All patients to the front desk please." UGH! Really, again. You'd think they want us all to be mindless animals with the amount of drugs they feed us, something they would never guess however. I choke them back up, you know. I used not to shallow them, but they caught me and I got sent to Red level. I hated being shuck in my room for 24 hours straight, so even though it's beneath me I play along once and awhile. Never the pills though, the very idea that I would take pills for my mental health is laughable at best. I tried to hide my smirk when I hide the damp pill in my shoe. Only thing left to do is go to my room and hide it until I can shower, then it'll be washed away.

The harder thing about this place is seeming to be innocent when you're doing something against the rules. Which at the moment I am, so I must keep my cool.

Wave to the attendee, keep walking, keep walking, no! Don't you dare speed up, that's it calm walking, calm, I can do this, I can do this, I did it! I made it to my room. Now to just hide the pill...

"I saw that." Wait? What? A girl? There she was long white blonde hair, scars up her arms, skinnier then a piece of paper. Where the hell did she come from? "You aren't mute are you? I really don't think you are, I've heard you curse at the employees before." Did I ask you to come into my room? Stupid girl."You must be crazy then." Oh that's it!

"I am not crazy! Do you understand? DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Get a hold of yourself, Miles. Really.

"Could've fooled me? With all the secrets and yelling. Crazy people always have secrets." Is she playing with me? Sane people have secrets too.

"Pffft, right. Whatever you say, girl" Girl? Did I really just call her girl? Lord, I'm such a idiot. She's attractive and here I am, messing it all up.

"It's actually, Lacey." Jackpot. Pretty name.

"Pretty name, Lacey. I'm Miles."

"Yes, I know, I've overheard the doctors talking about you." Overheard the doctors talking about me, that isn't good at all.

"What have they been saying?" In other words, do I need to put on a better act. I have to get out of here.

"This and that." Eh. Now she's starting to annoy me. Bored.

"Well if that's can leave."

"Nah, I'd much rather stay. Thank you though for the offer." What is this girl, retarded?

"I told you to get out, and that's what I expect you to do." She better leave before I punch her.

"And I told you, I would much rather stay here."

"God, why?" She. Is. So. Close. Right now, I can feel her hair on my cheek.

"Because, dear Miles contrary to your belief we need each other if we're ever going to blow this place." She wants to leave too then. Smells so good. "I'm not crazy either." What? And now's she's gone. Perrrfect. Why do girls always find it appropriate to just vanish into thin air? Now I have go and track her down. Good thing I have nothing better to do.

Arts and crafts, it's unbelievable that they think this is going to help us. Pitiful.

"Hello." She is way too cheerful for this time the morning. Checking the clock it reads 8. Yup too early for peppiness.

"Look who woke up on the irritating side of the bed this morning."

"Oh don't I know it, you're just the picture of blinding sunshine today." Aha, good come back. I smiled at that one. "Wait what was that? His lips they moved from the permanent scowl. That was thought to stay craved upon his face for as long as he should live!" Well you're about to die. So I would kill the cheer, little girl.

"Mmmhmm. Let's go with that." Ah cute, she's pouting.

"That is no fair, whatsoever."

"Uh huh."

"I hate you." Okay this place isn't too bad, as long as she stays easily upset.

"Hey now, I don't do well with hate. I just wither into a pathetic little mess. So none of that." She's enjoying this. I know she is. The smile hasn't left her face.

"Well to cancel out my hate for you, you should come sit with me at lunch. Kill the bit of hate, with company."

"Sure." I have nothing better to do. Although that glee of joy she made was nice, kind of.

Bored. She was already supposed to be here. It is a girl however, they always take forever. Oooooo. Put your tongue back in your mouth, Miles. Boy was that worth the extra ten minutes. Her hair is ten times better braided. Well. Don't just stand there like an idiot, Lacey. Say something.

"Have you been waiting long?" Yes.

"No, not at all. I just got here." Liar. Liar, pants on fire.

"Oh good. I was worried you'd be mad." What me? Never.

"Oh you don't have to worry much about that. You aren't too bad. So you're fine." Yup. That'll totally win her over Miles. Way to go.

"I'm glad I'm not too bad." At least she said that with a giggle in her voice.

"Maybe a bit better than just not too bad." Ah. What a sap.

"Careful, Miles. Might make me swoon with all that sweet talk." Did I just seriously giggle? My manhood has obviously run away from me.

"Well don't get used to it." Now I'm pouting. Great and she's laughing at me.

"I won't, I promise." She's getting close again. What is her damage does she think that I want her to practicably be on my lap? Get away from me. GET AWAY FROM ME. "Miles! Wait! I'm sorry. COME BACK!"

Why did she just have to ruin it? God. I can't breathe. "Son, calm done or we'll have to sedate you." GET OFF ME! Waaaaaa...

"Hey wake up. Hey Miles." Mmmmm. Yeah. Go away. I'm comfy."Miles.." Don't shove me. FINE.

"Grrr. Go away."

"Not until you get up."

"Kay." Uh oh. She's got an 'I plan to talk you' face on.

"Miles look, I'm sorry about earlier. I shouldn't have tried to kiss you." Yeah you shouldn't have. "But I don't regret it, I like you." Right. I'm a right jerk though. "Even if you are a douche from time to time."


"No, look. This place is just cancerous to any type of anything. We need to get out. Now." Does she mean like right now? Because I'm still super sleepy."No, you can't go to sleep. We have to leave."

"Lacey are you sure? If we don't do it right, we'll be in a whole shit ton of trouble."

"I'm completely sure." I guess that decides that then.

Sneaking walk, light footsteps, light footsteps, freeze! Continue. Quiet. Lacey's hand is warm. Light footsteps. Light footsteps. Light footsteps. Open the window, climb over the fence. We've made it.

"What do you think you're doing?" Fuck.

"Run!" Breathe. Breathe. Keep going.

"MILES!" Oh no. Not her. They can't have her. No.

"Hold still kid. Just hold still" Yay another shot. I am not an animaaaaa...

"So Miles, how are you doing?" Fine."Do you want to tell me why you tried to run away?" No. Not particularly."Are you going to speak at all?" I wasn't planning on it, but thanks for asking. "What I really like to know is why you came back?" Lacey. Whom I haven't see since they put me on lock down. "You were free and clear. Why did you waste that?"

"You were hurting her."

"Hurting who?"

"Lacey. I want to know where she is."

"I'm sorry son, but who?" What the heck is he trying at?

"Lacey, she's another patient of yours."

"I have no patient by that name."

"Then she is someone else's patient. I WANT HER BACK."

"I'm sorry Miles. There is no such person here at this hospital." Why are you lying to me? You aren't going to fool me.


"Miles, you are sick. This Lacey is a part of your imagination. That's all. Just a part of your imagination." No."It seems as if you care about her. However, she is completely fictional." No. She isn't.

"Shut up." That man had no right to say those things. Saying that Lacey was fake how dare he. HOW DARE HE!

I just need some sleep that's all. It's all a bad dream. Just a bad dream.


"Oh my God, Lacey. You scared me. I was so worried. They wouldn't tell me where you were. The Doc started saying you weren't real but I knew you were, I just knew it." I engulfed her in a hug. I would never let her go again. Ever again. I kissed her. It was all going to work out.

"It's alright. I'm right here. I'll never leave you again. Not ever." Good. Because I love you.

"I love you too." I didn't say that out loud. Did I? "Miles, we can't stay here."

"We'll never get past everything again. They'll make sure to watch us like hawks." I'm going to keep you forever.

"Shh. You don't need to think about forever. I know how to break away so it'll just be us. Like it always meant to."

"How?" I'll do anything for you. To keep you. Anything.

"Kill them all."