Queen of Pain

by yllenxxx

Author's Note: so, this is the more tragic one. though i think this is shallow too but anyway, it was fun writing it. :)) it's my first time writing a play, you see. XDD i hope you tell me which is the better version! muchos loove :33


Joshua Torres


Raven Yap


Police Officer

Scene I



(Curtain opens, revealing the interior of a grand cathedral decorated with different kinds of flowers. People are seen buzzing around their elegant dresses and barong tagalogs while Joshua, a young entrepreneur of about 27 and also the groom, is pacing back and forth the altar.)

Joshua: (Looks at his wristwatch) Where is she?

(Dylan approaches Joshua)

Dylan: (whispers) Don't worry, she'll be here.

Joshua: (Look up at Dylan) Thanks dude. (smiles)

(Dylan taps Joshua on the back and smiles back. Just then, "The Wedding March" floats inside the cathedral and the people settle down, looking at the bride with admiration)

Dylan: (still whispering) You're one lucky guy dude.

Joshua: (whispers back while grinning) Luckier than you thought.

(Raven reaches the altar and stares at Joshua without a smile. Joshua frowned.)

Joshua: What's wrong, sweetheart?

Raven: (tries to smile) Nothing. I'm just nervous.

Joshua: (smiles gently) Me too, sweet. But it's all worth it in the end. Come on.

(Music fades. The audience sits and the ceremony starts. Raven and Joshua stands before the priest.)

Priest: (Raises hands) We are gathered here today to witness the union of Joshua and Raven in holy matrimony. Marriage is the-

(Raven interrupts the priest)

Raven: Can you please skip that part, Father?

(Joshua looks confusingly at Raven. Raven looks away.)

Priest: Oh, okay. (Looks at Joshua) Do you, Joshua Torres, accept Raven Yap, as your lawfully wedded wife?

Joshua: Yes Father.

Priest: (Looks at Raven) And do you, Raven Yap, accept Joshua Torres as your lawfully wedded husband?


Priest: Raven?

(Joshua looks at Raven.)

Joshua: Sweetheart…

Raven: No.

(Crowd gasps. Joshua looks shocked. Raven looks at Joshua)

Raven: I'm sorry babe. But I just love another man. I can't marry you. (Turns around and runs away)

(Joshua was left in the altar, open-mouthed. Dylan walks toward him)

Dylan: Are you just going to let her walk away like that?

Joshua: (Blinks for a few seconds) No. I'm not. (Turns around and follows Raven) Raven! Come back!

(Curtain closes)



Scene II



(Curtain opens. A beautiful garden of roses is seen with Raven sitting on one bench, tears falling from her eyes. Joshua enters and runs over Raven.)

Joshua: (Misty-eyed) Why? What's wrong sweet? Have I done something wrong? What's the problem? Come one, Rave.

Raven: (Pushes back Joshua) No! Please! I—I can't marry you! I'm pregnant!

Joshua: Really? That's better babe! But why can't you marry me?

Raven: (whispers) It's not yours…

Joshua: (looks shocked) What? Who's the guy? Who?

Dylan: ME.

Joshua: (Turns around) You? How could you Dy? I thought you were my best friend?

Dylan: (smiles) In your dreams.

Joshua: (Looks at Raven) Why Rave? (whispers) Why?

Raven: (Looks away) I don't love you anymore. I.. I.. I don't feel loved by you. (Looks at Joshua) You're so busy doing this and that that I sometimes felt worthless. Do you know what it feels like when the one you really love ignores you? I'm not even in your top priorities in life for Pete's sake! What do you think of me? A helper? A robot that you could always brush off when you don't need me anymore?

Joshua: (Looks confused) But Raven…

Raven: (Voice hardens) NO! Let me finish first! Do you remember that one time when you ditched me on a very special date and made Dylan come for your place? Well, I got frustrated and asked him to have a drink with me. I got drunk, something happened, and voila! I'm pregnant. But then, I don't regret this, since it was Dylan who gave me comfort when you weren't there. It was him who took your place. (whispers) Your place in my heart.

(Joshua looks confused and looks at Dylan. Dylan smiles at him maliciously and grabs something from his back pocket)

Dylan: Do you know how hard it is when you get everything I want and I am left with nothing? Huh? You get the face! You get the popularity! You get the smarts! You even got the girl, (voice softens) You do know I met Raven first, right? But you beat me to her! (shouts) YOU! YOU! IT WAS ALWAYS ABOUT YOU!

(Points the thing to Joshua. It was a gun)

Joshua: What are you doing? (Takes a step back) We could discuss this in a calm manner dude. Just, chill.

Dylan: Chill? You expect me to chill? I'll give you chill. (Pulls the trigger)

Raven: (Runs towards the two men) Noooooooo! Please Dylan! Don't!

(An explosion is heard, and Joshua's dead body is seen lying in the ground. Raven is already holding the gun while Dylan stands behind her, an evil smile playing along his lips)

Raven: You killed him! You killed him! (Approaches Dylan and punches him in the chest for a few times)

Dylan: (Holds Raven's wrist) Stop it!

(A police siren is heard nearby. Both of them stop and look at the entrance of the gate. A police officer, gun in hand, approaches them in careful steps.)

Police: Hand on you back and put the gun away! You, (points his gun towards Raven) release the man and come with me in peace. Or else I'd be forced to shoot you!

Raven: Me? (Looks confused)

Police: Yes you. Release him!

(Raven lets go of Dylan)

Police: Now, put down the gun and come with me.

Raven: What? Why? He was the one who killed him. (Looks at Dylan)

Police: Really? So that's why you are holding the gun and is covered in blood?

(Raven looks at herself and realizes blood is splattered on her dress. She then points the gun to Dylan and smiles)

Raven: Goodbye Dylan. (Pulls the trigger)

(Another explosion was heard. We could see Raven, slowly falling to the ground. She was shot by the police officer just before she had the chance to kill Dylan. The police officer advances towards the body and makes sure Raven is dead. He then stands up and looks at Dylan)

Police: You young man, come with me. (Turns his back and makes his way back to the entrance)

Dylan: (Slowly and quietly gets the gun from Raven's hand and aims at the police officer) Officer!

(The police officer looks behind and then BANG! He lies on the ground, covered in his own blood. Dylan smiles and picks a red rose in full-bloom and lays it across Raven's chest)

Dylan: A red rose for thee, my love. A bloody red rose in your name. You shall be called the Queen of Roses. In short the Queen of Pain. (He points the gun in his temples and pulls the trigger.)




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