The Hunt

The sound of a dozen barking dogs and angry men filled the chilled November air, concocting into one mass of rage. It was distant, though, growing louder by the second.

The fields were golden with wheat and the forest was graced with colors of oranges, yellows, and browns, in the distant, an assembly of dark clouds galloped through the skies towards the group.

Sage stayed low, struggling to keep quiet, but her heavy breathing was making it very difficult. She looked down at the sleeping baby nestled in her arms, how she was still asleep was unknown to her.

Exhaustion pried at her mind, trying to lull her to lie down, just leave the baby. She shook her head and quickly banished the evil thoughts from her mind and she let out a shuddering breath, tears pricking at her eyes. She couldn't let this baby die, oh Goddess they could kill her a thousand times but she would not let them touch the baby. They wouldn't dare. Her lips curled in a sneer and her jade green eyes flashed with hatred.

A sharp bark came from her right and she whipped around, her long silky strands of ebony hair following behind as she ran, keeping downwind from the dogs. She couldn't get caught; it wasn't just her life at stake anymore.

Her eyes lined with thick lashes widened with terror as she spotted the mass of black and brown hounds advancing from behind, oh Goddess she was not going to make it. She looked around desperately, her thin frame trembling from the bone deep fear that rooted itself into her.

For a moment, everything seemed to be still, a deathly calmness inhabited the region. The wind made no noise though it made itself present, rustling the bottom of Sage's brown ragged dress. The dogs stopped in their tracks and whimpered, looking back on their masters sitting top mighty horses, snorting and pawing nervously at the earth.

Sage didn't hesitate to take this chance for escape and bolted, her bare feet making little noise in the dead grass wet from last nights rain.

With that, the world around her seemed to have woken up from its reverie; the dogs all snarled in unison and plunged towards her, digging their claws into the earth to gain speed.

The white steeds reared back and groaned in effort as they followed them into the thick forest, having no trouble plunging through the thicket.

"Kill the witch!" A heavyset man with a thick peppered beard bellowed into the hungry forest, his deep voice echoed. Cries of men, horses, dogs, and now of the awoken witch baby occupied the woodland, the commotion merging into one vast sound of destruction.

Murderous crows arose from the trees shelter, the beats of their wings like thunder in the sky. The skies blackened with the flock of the winged demons, crows and squawks harmonized together, making a melody of threat.

Weaving through the dark branches, Sage ran with the much effort, clutching the newborn baby to her bosom. She heard the rush of the relentless river close ahead, giving her an adrenaline rush, hope surging her forward.

Hooves of thunder were close behind, the shouts of men and the snaps of hounds' blended in with the mixture of noise.

Sage could almost taste the river water she was so close. She felt a tug and rip at her dress and she almost fell, letting out a cry of distress, she kicked the hound in it's' muzzle. The dog yelped and fell back then advanced forward, furious.

With the last amount of energy, Sage leapt off the ledge, closing her eyes and holding the baby close.

She plunged into the icy water, getting dragged under with the current, the water carrying her away from one death, but to a certain doom, everything around her black and green where rays of sun reflected through.

The sound of the mob was muted, and then soon nonexistence as Sage was carried away with the river, struggling to keep her and the baby above water.

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