Alone I am

Only the plants of my garden

For company

Not a husband to dine with

To share my joys and secrets with

No children to run about, gleefully

Giving the color of life

To this lonely place

As the golden globe floats down

Below the horizon, I dolefully sigh

Saying goodnight to my rampion

My only friends, my loves

Planting a kiss upon one

In my tower I swiftly blow out the flames

Tomorrow will be another day

Just the same, just the same

Brushing sounds amongst the bushes

I awaken to an intruder

Who dare trespass me?

A man I see, in desire of

My precious rampion

Not my rampion!

The only jewels of my heart

I approach him, he pleads

His wife will surely die

Without the nutrition

Given by my only precious

How could I say no?

But this may be my only chance

To escape the valley of solitariness

I demand he give me his child

His wife will soon bear

Graciously, he accepts my terms

And soon enough the child

Came into this cold world

Offering warmth with a soft smile

I come to collect my

Bland new jewel

Loved beyond all others she will be

The man dares to deny me

We had a deal, my venomous words

Struck them both frozen cold

The child is mine

Her blue eyes sparkled of diamonds

Hair shining of golden thread

Skin soft as my silken pillow

This child was perfect

The perfect jewel to at last

Bring end to my bareness

My Rapunzel

Never will I let you go