Thank you for the littlest things you've done for me in the past few months. Though it may seem insignificant to others, it means a lot to me. The first day I met you, I already knew you were going to be someone important. But I never thought you would devote my mind and make me think of you ever single second of my life without the intention to. I never thought someone could mean so much to me. And you know what hurts the most? It's just that you can never love me back. Our differences are so wide and vast that it's almost impossible to feel the gap. That's why I never asked for anything more than just your care.

During that lesson, you taught me the correct way of jumping. The way you jumped, with your beautiful hair in the air, was amazing. It was just jumping, but you made it so incredible. I've never seen someone as beautiful as you. After that, I fell in love with you. Maybe I couldn't call it love back then, but now I can. It has been 5 months since I've started loving you. But I realized that time after time, I wanted more than just looking at you. I wanted your care and concern, so I tried to catch your attention. My method of wanting attention was wrong and unreasonable; and instead, it caused you unhappiness. I'm sorry for that; I've already apologized previously. Your lips were in pure pink; they were so beautiful. Your voice was like hymns of heavens, it was angelic. I loved your personality. You're kind, generous and best of all: you like making friends. You're the total opposite of me. But it was because of your advice that made me want to make friends again. You told me, "Move on". You repeated it many times to get it into my mind. I was thankful for your advices and encouragement.

Remember that time when a ball smashed right into my face and my spectacles were spoilt? You were the one who fixed it for me... so that I could still pay attention for my next class. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be able to pay attention at all. My spectacles were perfect like that. With your touch. I loved you so much. You always helped me when I needed help. Even in my dreams, you've helped me.

But no matter how much I love you, I still can't get close to you. I can't even be your friend. Because to you, I'm just a mere student. I want to be something more. No matter how much it hurts me, I do not want you to get hurt. I want your happiness; but being the selfish person I am, I don't want you to be happy without me. I don't want you to be happy with someone else - I refuse to give you to someone else. I really am madly in love with you. Thank you for being there. I still have to leave this place, don't I? These few months have been pure happiness and sorrow for me. All of these emotions were caused by you. It can't be helped. For my future, I know that I have to leave. This place is below my capabilities. I am not going to let my future slip away like that. No matter how it kills me inside to leave you, I have to do it. But please know that, as I leave, I am leaving as a better person than when I was first here. I'm crying now... these feelings overwhelm. I can't stop these tears. But thank you for changing me into a better person. You knew that I would only listen to you. That's why. You even bothered to help someone like me.

If I'm crying for you, does it mean that I love you? This love has always been one-sided. I don't mind it. Even though I've always wanted you to like me, I think it's better if you did not. If I'm leaving anyway, I want you to be happy. I don't want you to feel a little sad when I'm gone. And when I look back at my own past, I will tell of a story - the person who helped me become who I am right now. But believe me, I really don't want to leave. I really do love you, and I never wanted to leave you, but for my own future... you would support me too, right? I couldn't say these three words to you because you might say I'm going too far.

But before I leave, would you hear me say it once?