By the hands of warmth felt in me; touched
It was never this comfortable falling-
Falling not to the deep abyss; but for you-
Your soft glances and hymns-like voice.

Lady of Strength, I really do love your damp, black hair
And ankle-leveled tattoo of a Phoenix-
Signifying the beauty and passion in you;
So pure, unobtainable and cerulean-like.

The beauty, as I look into your capturing eyes,
Seemly to be filled with deep layers of underlying regrets-
That strength in you, though quiet and unstirred,
Is a wave of unexpected and inconsistent current.

Like the crimson-tainted angel's smile,
It hurts you; the smile forced to cover for the cries.
Night comes, and your strength continues to flow-
Afraid of the everlasting sadness and tears.