Chance Meeting

She bites her lip

She twists her hair

She glances around

To see if anyone's there

She pulls out her phone

She checks the clock

She makes a face

It seems someone's forgot

She sits on a bench

She shuffles her feet

She tries to get comfy

On a hard wooden seat

She checks her phone

She scowls and starts fuming

She just received a text

Someone isn't coming

She bumps into another

She gives her apologies

She receives a smile

He waves a bunch of keys

He offers her dinner

He pays for the meal

He's sweet and charming

It's hard to believe he's real

He drives her home

He walks her to her door

He says a polite goodbye

She wants there to be more

He receives her number

He texts her soon after

He says he had fun

They arrange to meet later

The one who forgot

Finds out about them

They aren't happy

But can't do anything