"Hey, uh, could you move the slats?" Jennifer asked the man sitting in the booth nearby. He glanced over at her then at the wooden slats.

"Why don't you just walk over them? They're not going to break or anything." He said, and she smiled weakly before turning back to them.


True to his word, the wooden slats didn't even creak under her light footsteps as she hopped up onto them. She jumped down lightly on the other side and grabbed the mop from its hanging spot behind the door before turning back the way she had come.

She hopped up onto them again and stepped lightly to the other side, her feet barely making a sound. But as she jumped off again, the ground in front turned into a concrete coloured vortex, and sucked her in.

"Whoa!" She yelled as she was dragged through the twisting tunnel, before dropping to the ground in a strange land of green grass and pink sky.

A strange creature appeared in front of her, looking to be a cross between a rabbit and a fox, and stood up on its hind legs to look at her. They stood there for a moment as a large wind came up and blew across the empty field, flattening the grass around the two. Suddenly its eyes turned red, and its mouth opened as though to scream.

"Hostile located. Hostile located." It shouted, and more appeared behind it. They glared at the teen with equally red eyes before leaping to attack.

She yelled in surprise and swung the mop at the first creature, letting momentum from the wet mop head lead her in a spin. It connected with one of the creatures and sent it flying into another, and Jennifer settled into an offensive pose as the others hesitated. They took that as a challenge however, and charged once again.

Jennifer attacked back, using both ends of the mop to knock out and even kill some of the creatures as they pressed their attack.

Finally, all but one had been defeated. It stood back and opened it's mouth again, but didn't call for reinforcements like she had expected.

"Jennifer Miller, call to the Service Desk." She blinked and relaxed her pose slightly in surprise. That sounded like Dan, her Manager… "Jennifer Mille, call to the Service Desk."

She blinked again, and her settings suddenly changed, turning into the loading area of Coles instead of the grassy field with a pink sky. She looked around in confusion before spotting the man sitting in the booth from before. He was staring at her with an eyebrow raised, and she straightened, smiling sheepishly before striding off to the Service Desk, mop still in hand.