Twisting - my thoughts are twisting as I wake into slumber, hearing him speak again. Again, I hear the whispering thunder of his inaudible voice and it comes into me.

Softly, with lukewarm fire, it slithers into my ear and finds its special place in my heart, where it lays down to rest.

He speaks of my love for him and his tongue runs over my lips in subliminal erotica, wetting my eyes with sadness and moistening my desire for him, so many times over.

His distant affection barely touches my soul, but in a prayer of desperate longing, he answers reluctantly. Far away, his words caress my dreams in impossible pursuit.

Hope. I trust in his words and find him when I half-sleep, when I almost dream. Almost.
A mirage of solace, find I him with me, but for a blink. A blink that lives for hours in my slumber-din of feelings and amour, those denied when I become wakeful and he is gone.

His eyes meet mine. Half-open, scrutinizing.
What seeks the object of my affection, that I have not disclosed already? Is there more?

His giant hands take my body hard and claim me, here in the dusk of my sleep.

I fear him not, but remain wary. Black, his molten eyes fall into mine and we fuse in our numbing trance - him in me, I through him, we make our flesh meet and we make promises of pleasure, with no words at all.
With his burning skin on my scales, I take him in with absolute submission and he delights in this. Strong and elongated, his fingers crawl through my mane and his breath incinerates my entire being as he breathes his sensual dialect to me.

I answer him gladly, beckoning with forked tongue and venom at the ready, my prey to be, but not as much as a shiver from his grinding body. Yet, he comes deeper and he comes as the thunder on the horizon cannot be contested.

Shall I strike?

Shall I feed?

I dream him real.

He leaves me panting, shivering with a yearning of a thousand lost souls and I cry to him.

I dream him real.

He leaves me desperate and un-sated, howling for his majesty to grace me.

I dream him real.

He drinks of my soul and wipes his beauty onto me with eyes as warm as an angel's voice.

I wake him gone.

He flees my company and kisses my tears for him with a promise of return and I'm left sad, my love seized and taken from me...