Chapter 1: Iced

The light is one of the most powerful forces on Earth. It controls everything that is good and what is right. It makes up of what life is suppose to be and brings joy, happiness, creativity, love, virtue, justice and all that good stuff with it. But, in particular, this light is what means the world to one person, Jrake Okukaro. He is known in many worlds as the Ice Angel. He is legendary throughout the timeline in many other worlds. He also has many forms and other identities, but this is what he truly is now, what he has come to be. He only lives for the light now, to bring justice and hope to others of the mortal world of Earth. He is still a mystery to all humans...

Late one night, Jrake wanders down the dark streets of a small town. It was bitter cold, as he walked down the silent roads of this town. The street lights were dim, casting an eerie glow down on him as he passed under them. To his left was a school, all the lights were off, and to his right, was the local park. Something was drawing him near the park, so Jrake decided to check it out. He came to a cement path, that lead all the way to the opposite side of the park. Baseball diamonds were on each side, as was an open soccer field behind to the left one. Only one light lit up the walkway from the center building, where the bathrooms are. Jrake walked down towards the light, past the tennis courts on his right.

Jrake felt this disgusting tension within his stomach, something didn't seem right here at the park. He started to feel very nervous now and frustrated. He walked a bit faster now, making his way towards the lit building. He suddenly hears voices from behind the building. A jolt of adrenaline shot through his, and his whole body goes up in chills, he becomes very angry...

Jrake runs to the building and sees what has been causing this strange feeling. He couldn't believe it, he couldn't imagine he would ever seen something like this before... Hate...

"Come on faggot, get up!" Yells one guy out of about 5, surrounding this boy on the ground. They were all about 15 to 17 years old.

"Fuck you homo, why don't you like girls?"

"Dude, he's a freaking fairy, hit him again."

"Stop it, please!" The boy on the ground shouts, terror in his voice, tears in his eyes...

One of the guys picks him up to his feet and holds the boys arms behind his back. The others come in and beat at his stomach and start hitting him in the face harder and harder. Jrake couldn't bare to watch any longer, and started to make his way close to the evil scene.

"You like that, huh?" Another guy says, touching the boy below the belt.

"Queer, your all wrong!"

Jrake emerges from the shadows and makes himself noticed. He looks over at the boy, drenched his tears and blood, the most horrible sad look of despair on his face, made Jrake get very upset.

"Who's there? You want some!" One of the older guys shout.

Jrake says absolutely nothing and just stands there as the other guys drop the boy on the ground, kicking him one last time, the boy cries out loud now, making Jrake's true power be known.

He holds up one finger to them, waving it ever so lightly.

"What the hell do you want?"

"Get him!"

Before they could get close to Jrake, the light from the building explodes as a brighter light blue light emerges from around him. The guys stop for a moment in disbelief, just before the event was about to happen.

"What the fuck!" One of them yells.

The boy on the ground behind them looks up for a moment, that one moment that would change his life, Jrake's life and the pathetic lives of the 5 guys that stood before the Ice Angel. Jrake stood in clear view. His skin was pale blue, his eyes shining a deep purple and his hair was also dark purple, long and wavy. He looked over at the boy to make him feel comfortable and gave him a nod, to let him know that things would be alright. Just before, the gang of guys went after Jrake, feathers suddenly appeared before them, scattering about the beam of light, Jrake's head turns to one side, closing his eyes, as beautiful aqua angel wings burst out from behind him, feathers dancing in the light. Emotions of love and hope course through Jrake's body, as he stands there in the warm light, giving him the power to fight, the power to destroy the hate that stood before him.

Jrake looked over now, as the beam of light dissipated, he smirked at the boys, as a different feeling swept over the scene. Something more dark and sinister, but yet, comforting at the same time for the boy.

"So, you think it's wrong? You think love is wrong? All you can think of is that it's evil, different, unnatural... That it doesn't produce, that it doesn't involve both genders, that no love is involved, only lust and sex... That no heart is present, or any light of sort? Just two humans, in love, is so wrong, just because of gender... Well, let me tell you something you heartless pieces of human flesh. Your pathetic world is teeming with useless heartless people, the more babies you make, the crowded it gets, the more your evil grows... Your world is overgrown with murder, hate, rape, drugs, death, darkness... And all you can do is bring down, destroy and say love between two humans of the same gender is so very wrong? That love, of us, doesn't hurt or kill anyone like all those other things do, and you say it's evil?Your race sickens me..." After Jrake had said that, the whole scene went...

The look on the gangs face made Jrake laugh, he raised one arm, levitating one of the members into the air, Jrake still with a smirk on his face. With his other hands, he channels the element of ice into the ground, rotting the other members to the ground with frozen solid ice. He turns back to the guy in the air.

"One human for hate..." Jrake mutters, gesturing with his hand, turning the guy to ice and letting him fall, shattering into millions of pieces of ice and blood.

Jrake then turns to his left, focusing on two guys on his left side. He moves both his arms in front of him, channeling into their minds, controlling them to move towards each other to kiss one another. Both guys try to escape moving their mouths away from each other.

"Fuck you and kiss him demon..." Jrake said, snapping their necks with his mind, then letting their loose heads kiss each other, then pushing them closer, as their skulls crack and fall lifeless off their frozen bodies.

Jrake walks forward slowly towards the last two guys, causing fear to run through their blood. With one quick motion, he sends them both into the air, in position to fuck each other.

"What the fuck man!" One of them shouts.

"SHUT UP!" Jrake yells, ripping his mouth off his face, dropping next to the frozen guys below.

He moves the one guy towards the others behind, placing him into position then freezes them in place with his ice. Jrake laughs then slams them down into the other frozen bodies below, causing a massive explosion of ice, flesh, bone and blood everywhere! The tormentors have been destroyed, lying in a graveyard of ice...

Jrake's emotions die down now, becoming calm and serene. The magic of the ice takes the tortured spirits of the gang and sends them to a better place for redemption. Jrake turns towards the boy on the ground, he had passed out at the start. The poor boy just lying there, beat up and dead inside, made Jrake feel sick inside. He walks over towards him, kneeling down on the ground and picking him up in his arms.

Jrake's shirt was torn, his chest muscles showing on his shimmering light blue skin. He takes his wings and wraps them around the boy gently. He takes his head and moves it to look at his torn face. This poor soul, beaten down by hate, just because of his love that is different from the rest. It broke Jrake's heart to see things like this, and he wouldn't let anyone get away with it anymore. He moves his hands across the boys face and scars, creating a shining light, that would heal his wounds. Tears drip from Jrake's face as he healed the boy of all bruises and bumps. He just held him in place, as his beam of light came back over them both...

"Don't leave me yet..." Jrake whispered into the cold night.

The boys eyes slowly begun to open now moments after, Jrake just sitting there, holding the boy against his chest, stroking back his beautiful blond hair, looking deep into his deep blue eyes. Jrake smiled just a little and the boy just started to tear up. Placing a hand on the boys cheek, he reached up and stroked Jrake's face, wiping away some frozen tears.

"It's alright now." Jrake spoke.

"Thank you..." The boy said back.

They both just lay there now in the light now, comforting each other. For now, the darkness has gone and Jrake has found a new love and light to look after. He took the boy back to his place in the light and spent the whole night just being happy and in love with his new friend. What adventures await for these new found lovers?