indescribably infinite.

From here, toes pressed firmly to the edge
of the world, I think I am invincible,
infinite. I see my hands against the brilliantly
blue sky, pale skin tinged red, vivid
against the city. (I think I could hold it,
if I tried.) The sky goes on forever, forever, forever,
until the sea and then some.
I smile—(powerful, invincible, unstoppable)—
and when I am done smiling, I smile some more,
because I have everything to be happy about:
I am alive, alive, alive, burning against the skyline,
brilliant, blazing, blistering. Wonderfully and quite
indescribably alive—(and oh, isn't it great?). Alive
to feel the golden sand between my toes,
to feel the sun's unforgiving rays kiss my skin,
to feel this invincible, this infinite.
I am quite undeniably alive.