AN: This chapter may seem a little random, but I assure you... it'll make sense later on. No Bible quote this chapter because there are obviously no Cyborgs in the Bible. Warnings: Cursing and some violence. Boob touching for the lawlz.

Chapter dedicated to my biggest fan, Rose!

"Cyborg?" Eve said, looking at an old thought-to-be-abandoned city just before her.

"What the hell is a cyborg?"


After an awkward first meeting, Eve had discovered this man had saved her after she suddenly wound up where he happened to be traveling. He said his name was Nod, although Eve didn't totally believe that.

She had insisted to go back to the facility right away but he wouldn't let her. He said something about how it wasn't right for a man to let a woman travel alone. What, had he missed the last half a century or something? She thought he was fucking nuts. But it's not like she had much say in the matter because he physically dragged her along while mumbling something about business he needed to attend to. She could have easily gotten away but for whatever reason her powers were not working (as she so awkwardly discovered earlier) and this man had some sort of death grip that she couldn't get out of.

So she had no choice but to comply.

They arrived at an old worn down town. The buildings were made out of bricks, instead of steel like what she was used to, so she had the feeling this town was built long before the previous century. There was a wall surrounding the entire town, also made out of bricks. She though to herself how easily anyone could break into that these days. Everything was old and worn down but it actually seemed quite lively, at least right now. There were people in front of the gate, others begging to be let inside, and more people were mingling amongst themselves.

Nod said he had business inside the town and that Eve should keep her head down until they were safely inside. When she asked why, she didn't get an answer. As much as it hurt her pride to comply, she had to if she wanted to get back the facility because she knew he wasn't going to let her go any time soon.

They had made it inside without a hitch really. A guard inquired about Eve, to whom Nod claimed she was his younger sister who he had brought to watch today's event. Event? Eve thought to herself about this. An event that clearly wasn't government sponsored, which means there was something illegal going on here. She so badly wanted to shout out loud that she was from the Military at this point because she knew that would break up this whole ordeal. But without her powers, if anyone tried to start anything, she probably couldn't take them. So once again, she complied.

After they were in they walked to the closest building, which looked the most run-down out of all the buildings. She saw a sign in the building which read 'Hospital' and had some red cross on it. What, did everything and everyone have a cross these days? Eve grumbled a little.

Once inside they went up two flights of stairs until out of nowhere this woman popped up in front of Eve, nearly scaring the life out of her. She had a wide smile on her face and overall seemed like a happy woman. The unusual thing about her was what she was wearing. For one thing, she had a band around her head which some zig-zag pattern on it. She was wearing a brown and loose vest with fabric handing off of it as though it had been shredded, a yellow baggy shirt and the oddest thing was that she was wearing pants that flared out at the bottom. Pants on woman? Eve had only seem that sort of thing in books from a long time ago, you almost never saw a woman wearing pants this day and age.

While Eve was distracted with this woman, who was now giving her a curious exam, Nod was off talking to some other man – er, boy, maybe. Eve wasn't sure. He was also dressed rather oddly, in all black and the coat he was wearing went down to about his knees and he was also carrying a black book with a gold… cross on it. Eve almost wanted to smack herself. Crosses were uncommon where she was from, so this was unusual for her.

She was snapped out of her disbelief when the woman started grouping her breast, to which Eve reacted with a scream. Truth be told, she had never been touched there before. The woman looked at her, clearly having no idea that was she did was inappropriate. Then, all of a sudden she grabbed Eve's black hair and held it up to her own dirty blonde hair as if she was comparing them. Eve was confused by this woman.

"Zara," The man in the black spoke and the woman snapped to attention, "Stop bothering the girl, we have to run your maintenance." The girl then gave Eve a wave goodbye and hopped, literally, over to the man. Nod then walked back to her telling her it was time to take our seats.

"What was that all about?" Eve asked him. He told her that the man in black was named Noah and that the woman was his Cyborg. At this point Eve asked what a Cyborg was and Nod began explaining that it was an old technology and that they were created from humans and machine parts. Eve wondered what the points of those things were. She had remember reading something about the Military creating half-human, half-machine soldiers to combat the Invaders but that after Edenites began showing up that those became obsolete. So why were there some still?

After about thirty minutes from when they took their seats (which was actually just on the 5th story of a somewhat-sturdy building) was when 4 people made their way out onto the streets. Two of them were Noah and that woman, Zara. The other two she didn't remember seeing. Both were women, one had long dark brown hair and dressed in a business-like manor and she also had these thick-rimmed glasses on. On both sides of her were these two oddly-shaped swords that were slightly curved. Eve had never seen anything like them. Behind her there was a woman with dark red hair dressed in a dark red dress, it was the kind of dress Eve used to read about – Victorian she believed it was called. Very old dress, very old indeed.

Suddenly there was a loud voice coming from a microphone. Eve looked up on top of the building to see a man who she assumed to be the announcer. She tried to get a closer look at him because she thought he looked familiar. But it was no good, he was too far away.

"The challengers, Noah and his Cyborg, Emzara!" he pointed at the two. Zara, or Emzara, looked like she was ready for a good fight.

"And our undefeated Champions, Ruth and her Cyborg, Naomi!" and the he pointed to the other two women.

Afterward, he said something that struck Eve as being unusual. He said that the two Cyborgs had powers. Which would mean that they were Edenites? Impossible. This must mean Cyborgs are still being produced. He said Zara's power was 'Technopathy'. Eve knew what that meant; there were people at the Academy who could do the same thing. He then said Naomi's powers were something called 'Chi'. She didn't understand what that meant. It was clear this Naomi woman was a foreigner so she figured that had something to do with it.

And then he gave the sign for them to begin fighting. Eve watched Naomi rush toward Noah and Zara, but Zara was unmoving. Then she heard Nod say, "Whatever happens, don't get involved".

And then Naomi drew the sword that was on her left hip and swung down at Zara.

Zara blocked it. That sword looked pretty sharp so Eve wondered how she did it so easily. It was at this point a giant hologram screen appeared, giving the audience a close up of the two women. "Just going to stand there again, Zara?" Naomi said while trying to add more pressure onto the sword. So you can hear them talk too? Eve also found this interesting.

"It's my station, you know that, Naomi." Zara said in reply. It was clear these two knew each other so Eve had to wonder just why they were fighting in the first place. Naomi kept swinging her sword at Zara, but Zara was effortlessly blocking each one. If things kept going like this then this battle was going to draw on forever.

Just as Eve was starting to get bored from all this, the screen switched to show Noah and he said "Zara, attack mode". The screen switched back to Zara and her eyes started to glow yellow. Then she grabbed the sword with her bare hand, forcing Naomi to come closer, and then punched the other woman right into the stomach and effectively sent her flying, only to smash into a building. At this point the crowd was cheering. The real fight had finally begun.

The red-headed woman shouted Naomi's name in concern. Naomi, meanwhile, was prying herself out of the wall. The odd thing was that she was smirking.

"You finally playing for real then?" She grinned while saying, "Then now I can finally get serious!" She swung her sword despite being all the way across the dirty street and while she was making this motion Eve thought it was pointless, but then a visible wave of energy went flying out and it was magnificent! So this was the power of 'Chi'? Zara was having a hard resisting the powerful wave and was eventually sent flying back, also smacking into the wall. It was obvious who was going to win this fight now.

However the smirk on Noah's face was a giveaway that this battle had not yet reached its full potential.

It was at this point when Zara's right had begun to change. It was like it was getting bigger and flipping inside-out, showing the metal that her arm was made out of. The announcer said that Zara was activating her ability to manipulate the mechanics of her body to create a special drill. And then behold, she actually had a drill on her arm. Even Eve though this was just getting ridiculous now. For a brief moment she thought she was watching those old foreign cartoons they used to show her as a kid.

It was then that Zara charged forward, drill pointed directly at Naomi. For whatever reason Naomi didn't retaliate with her power but instead just held her sword up, ready for anything. Although it was obvious she didn't expect what happened next. As Zara got closer, she jumped up over Naomi and landed on the other side, now she was charging at Ruth. Naomi turned around with a horrified expression and began after her. She when everyone thought Ruth was done for; somehow Naomi made it just in time to take the whole attack. Now she had a drill directly in her chest and blood was staining her white shirt. There were some sparks flying and cowards hanging out of her back as well. Eve assumed she was both living and mechanical in the area she was hit.

"Nod," Eve started, "Why did she all of a sudden start to charge at Ruth?"

"Because there are two ways to win this battle," he looked down at the scene before everyone, "and that's to either make the other Cyborg stop functioning in battle, or to kill the owner of the Cyborg. It's quite brutal."

Eve's heart twinged a little bit. Killing a human for the sake of fun? The only time killing should be fun is when the other person had it coming. This was just disgusting to her.

That was when Zara removed her drill. Naomi fell to the ground and Ruth looked panicked. Then it looked as though Zara was going to finished Naomi off as the crowd was shouting "Finish her!" over and over again. But then Ruth threw herself over Naomi and started begging Zara not to do it. Zara looked conflicted. Noah was screaming at her, telling her to take down Naomi now but she wasn't following orders. Then something unexpected happened. No one saw it happen, but blood started rushing from Zara's neck. Looking down you could see Naomi's sword was covered in blood and Ruth had backed away somewhat horrified. Naomi herself looked barley conscience, as if she was acting on pure instinct.

Zara's body started twitching until she suddenly went still. When the screen zoomed in on her face, you could notice the yellow glow from hr eyes was now replaced with black.

And then, "Winner: Ruth and her Cyborg, Naomi!" the crowd went wild.

"Well, I lost." Eve looked over to Nod. You mean he placed a bet on this? It was clear to her that she wasn't going to get to the facility if this man had no money. "Time to go see Noah again, come on, little girl." Little girl? How insulting that was to Eve.

Still, at least now she could check on Zara, right?