The whirr of the small rubber wheels on asphalt hums pleasantly with every stride she takes. The warm summer sun beams down at her, colour palette and paint brush in hand as he gently reaches down and paints her ivory skin with golden freckles.

She moves down the black path at a leisurely pace, taking in the beautiful open sky and sounds of Summer. The gentle breeze wraps itself around her as she moves and brushes its warm fingers against her freckled face. The girl weaves gracefully around dog walking adults and bike riding children, greeting with them all with a smile before gliding past them.

Small rocks and clumps of dirt lay in her path, little obstacles for her to avoid. Staying away from them is a game, the object to not touch one, a goal sometimes impossible that makes the game all the more challenging and desirable to play. Occasionally one will spring up too soon and the constant whirring of her wheels is interrupted with an eighth note of silence as the blade stumbles over it and she stresses her muscles to keep her balance. The teen works her legs, perspiration lightly dampening the lower back of her cotton shirt as she pushes herself forward with powerful strides.

She is new to this, her corners are wide and stops long and slow, the novelty not yet worn off of the thrill pumping through her with every stride she takes.

She glides along on the path, straightening her back a bit as she plays the game. The movement throws off her balance and her heart leaps into her throat. Her arms shoot out into the air, flailing in some attempt to right herself before it's too late. Her eyes widen in fear, the moment seeming to last longer than it is. Her failing arms do their job, bringing her back to her proper gravity. Her arms fall back to her sides and instead of embarrassment or bitterness lingering on her face, laughter erupts from her parted lips. The fear of falling is all part of the game, adding to the fun.

She pumps her legs easily as she makes a wide turn onto a sidewalk and begins to struggle as the slope of the sidewalk rises. Her breath grows raspy and she pushes her legs harder as she approaches the top of the steep hill. The muscles in her thighs and lower back burn with exertion.

The girl reaches the crest of the hill and smiles as the downward slope before her allows her to easily glide down the hill. The slanted sidewalk takes her fast and faster, a sharp corner she hadn't seen at the top of the hill waits for her at the bottom and her eyes widen in fear once more. She leans her right foot back, the break rubbing against the concrete. It makes no difference, to her speed. Her momentum builds. She attempts to flex her leg muscles to slow herself but this proves useless as well. The downward slope of the hill is no match for her and she glances desperately for a lawn or something soft to throw herself onto, but nothing seems safe enough at this speed.

Surrendering herself to the momentum of the steep slope, she braces her body for a rough fall. She flies closer and closer to the sharp corner, focusing all of her attention to it as her speed continues to increase.

She inhales a shaky breath as her quickly spinning wheels roll her body toward what will surely be the death of her. The corner approaches and as a last attempt to avoid a fall, she angles her bladed feet and braces her leg muscles. She works them, straining them so when the time comes, her body swings around the corner at full speed.

She makes it around the corner, almost over compensating, she saves herself from flying onto the front lawn of a stranger's house and continues to fly with great speed along the sidewalk. The sidewalk rises lightly as she glides, allowing her to gain control of her speed once more. She begins pumping her legs again, muscles tired from the strain she'd just put them through. The tight knot of fear in her chest loosens and releases light laughter as she realizes that she has made it. The moment of terror has ended and the fear has left her, she finds nothing but joy in this experience. Once more, the game of not falling has won over her good spirits and she continues to blade up the sidewalk.

This feeling that overwhelms her as she rollerblades down quiet streets and blue skies, this is happiness.

With glittering eyes and a soft smile touching her lips, she blades down the black path that will take her back towards the hill with the sharp corner. Already, she is ready to do it again.