Yellow Eyes

I fell to my knees, breathing heavily. The gash on my left thigh was oozing scarlet blood and my arms were heavily slashed.

"Get up." The creature I hated so much hissed from behind me.

"I don't have to listen to you," my voice cracked with pain as the stone floor before my eyes blurred.

"I said get up, Nymph," he growled. I felt a hard kick in my side and I collapsed, crashing heavily upon the rocky earth.

"No!" I cried. That thick Elf had opened another wound. I heaved a shuddering breath and grasped my side. Warm blood spurted between my fingers and soaked my tattered clothing.

"Tell me, Erroneous," I spat as nastily as I could under such excruciating pain, "What exactly do you gain from killing me?"

Erroneous placed his foot on my twisted shoulder and pushed me down, sending ripples of such a crippling pain throughout every inch of my battered body that bursts of white light flashed before my eyes and I wailed in anguish.

He knelt beside my face and took my chin in his gnarled hand.

"You don't know?" he sneered. His other hand stroked my hair almost lovingly. Nausea welled up in my throat as I attempted to bat his hands away from me.

"Drop the sarcastic act, Elf," I mumbled.

"Act? Who says this is an act?"